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Gerdemann prepares for Tour on the track

Linus Gerdemann's Tour de France preparations stepped up a notch this week, with the rider taking to the track to improve his aerodynamics. The Team Milram rider was joined by Swiss expert Andreas Walser for a session at the track in Kaarst-Büttgen, Germany.

Walser focused on improving Gerdemann's time trial position throughout the test. "The test can be called a warm-up for my Tour 2009 preparations," said Gerdemann. "It is part of the base training."

Gerdemann was required to ride a constant speed of 45 km/h over a specified course during the test. Wattage data was recorded from differing saddle and handlebar positions which will be used to adapt his time trial position ahead of July's Tour.

"My personal requirement is and always has been to get the optimum out of my body and the material," he explained. "That makes a test like this indispensable. Just like a wind tunnel test, with which I had a good experience last year and which I will do this year again if possible."

Gerdemann missed last year's Tour while riding for Team Columbia due to injuries sustained in a crash at Tirreno - Adriatico. While the German also missed last year's Beijing Olympic Games, be returned with both stage and overall success at last year's Deutschland Tour.