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Fulcrum launches improved entry-level Racing range of wheels

Fulcrum Racing DB wheels
(Image credit: Fulcrum)

Fulcrum has updated its Racing 4, 5 and 6 DB range of entry-level wheels, which now feature wider rim profiles, faster hub engagement, and come tubeless ready out of the box. 

The new range of wheels are made from aluminium and are only compatible with disc brakes. In addition to the improved features, the wheels' aesthetics have been designed to have a clean look. 

The Racing 6 DB is the most budget-friendly model in the range, designed for all-around versatility. The internal width of 20mm is combined with a 24mm profile to create a wheel that's suitable for use on both road bikes and gravel bikes alike.  

The Racing 5 DB is ideal for riders with endurance bikes. A 24mm U-shaped profile decreases stiffness as well as aerodynamic drag, leading to a comfortable yet efficient ride. Like the Racing 6, the inner width is 20mm, which is an increase of 3mm from the previous iteration. The Racing 5 can fit up to a 28mm tyre.

Fulcrum Racing 4 DB wheels

(Image credit: Fulcrum)

The range's climbing wheel is the Racing 4 DB, which has been designed to balance aerodynamics, precision, and versatility. A 34mm profile creates stiffness and stability and is combined with a 19mm inner width. The Racing 4 are the Cofidis Team's training wheel of choice.

All of the wheel models come tubeless ready with rim tape already installed, and clincher tyres can be used as well.

The range also features improved hub engagement. All of the models use 36T hubs with 10-degrees of engagement.

Pricing varies depending on which driver body is needed. The wheels are available today from Fulcrum dealers.


  • Racing 4 DB: 1,710g
  • Racing 5 DB: 1,660g
  • Racing 6 DB: 1,780g


  • Racing 4 DB: £449.99 (HG11), £449.99 (XDR), £449.99 (N3W) 
  • Racing 5 DB: £399.99 (HG11), £399.99 (XDR), £399.99 (N3W)
  • Racing 6 DB: £339.99 (HG11), £339.99 (XDR), £339.99 (N3W) 

Ryan Simonovich has been riding and racing for nearly a decade. He got his start as a cross-country mountain bike racer in California and quickly learned how fun road cycling can be. He has dabbled in road, criterium and cyclocross racing as well. He lives in Durango, Colorado, where there are endless mountain views and hilly gravel routes.