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CrossVegas founder wants ‘cross nationals in Boulder

Ryan Trebon (Kona) won in Vegas last year

Ryan Trebon (Kona) won in Vegas last year (Image credit: Jon Devich)

CrossVegas promoter Chris Grealish has parted ways with the Nevada race to pursue a bid to bring the United States of America Cyclo-cross National Championships to Boulder, Colorado. Grealish hopes to secure the national titles for 2012, with the Valmont Bike Park slated as a potential host venue.

"It was a great race," said Grealish of CrossVegas. "I'm going to focus my energies on winning the bid for national cyclo-cross championships for the 2011 and '12 seasons. We're hoping to use the Valmont Bike Park, in Boulder, Colorado, for the race."

Grealish was instrumental in getting the funds and political will mobilized to build the Bike Park in Boulder. The 40-acre facility will be developed in phases, with a International Cycling Union (UCI) caliber cycling loop available by the time Grealish hopes to host nationals.

"We have a great tradition in Boulder,” he said. “The Boulder Cup at Harlow-Platts is the second or third-biggest race in the country. We attract hundreds of athletes and several thousand spectators. It's one of the great Boulder events these days."

If it were to get the national championships Boulder would host it for two consecutive seasons, which is how USA Cycling awards the title location. "Boulder's the perfect venue for a national championships,” he said. “We consistently host the world's best cyclists and we could do a world-class 'cross event, with thousands of riders and even more spectators. It would be epic."