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Colavita donates winnings to Katrina relief

When the Colavita Olive Oil Texas Regional Cycling Team created a 'Racing For Children' fund in early 2005 by pooling race winnings, they had no idea where they would donate the winnings. But those details could be worked out later as Colavita Texas began earning top placings, victories and money for the fund. With every penny of the team's winnings destined to help children in need, the team raced just as hard for $1 as it did for $100 - and their efforts paid off: by September, the fund had grown to $2,187.

"As a small amateur road racing team, it gave us a clear goal and sense of purpose," said Colavita Texas general manager John Woodson. "Every rider on the team used not only their cycling abilities but more importantly their heart and soul to build that fund. Now it can be put to good use."

With the growing need to help the 20,000+ hurricane Katrina survivors residing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the team is donating the $2,187 to the North Texas Food Bank to provide aid and support for children and their families affected by the disaster.