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Classics and shockers in cycling jersey history - Video

Cycling's history is full of eye-catching jerseys, the designs intended to stand out amongst the moving billboard of the peloton. InCycle spoke to Andy Storey and Mick Tarrant – specialists in jersey reproduction for Prendas Ciclismo – to get a perspective on the development of the most famous jerseys.

In years past, kits like the one for La Vie Claire and Brooklyn were panels of coloured fabric stitched together with details embroidered.

With the evolution of sublimation and synthetic fabrics, the designs became more complex, resulting in the memorable jerseys of Toshiba, Mercatone Uno and Mapei.

The freedom to make more complex jerseys didn't always lead to success, however, and Le Groupement's mash of colours stands out among the failures.

Watch the video above to get a unique insight into classic jersey design.