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Cañada battles cancer

David Cañada, a member of the ProTour Fuji-Servetto team, is recovering from a treatment cycle undertaken for the recurrence of cancer. Cañada's melanoma was initially diagnosed and removed in 2007, but cancer was recently discovered in underarm lymph nodes of his left arm.

"I'm feeling quite encouraged and I'm really eager to return to professional cycling, if possible," said Cañada. "I'd rather not say goodbye to pro cycling this way, but it's obvious that my primary aim right now is to achieve a full recovery. I've already endured the hardest part of the treatment and I'm feeling really good physically. My prospects for the future seem to be positive."

The Spanish rider, entering his 14th season as a professional, has already started mild physical exercise and hopes to return to the international peloton. Fuji-Servetto has guaranteed a place for Canada within the organization, either on the team roster if he's able to resume racing or as a staff member in case he's unable to compete again.

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