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British four cross national series set for 2011

The British Four Cross National Series signed a one-year sponsorship deal for 2011 with Schwalbe.

The British Four Cross National Series signed a one-year sponsorship deal for 2011 with Schwalbe. (Image credit: British Four Cross National Series)

The British Four Cross Series is set for 2011 with a new title sponsor, Schwalbe. Organizers of the series signed a one-year contract with the tire manufacturer, which already supports four crossers like current world champion Tomas Slavik, former world champion Jared Graves, Joost Wichman and Johannes Fischbach.

For 2011, the series will include seven rounds throughout Britain. It will kick off on April 3 at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire and finish on September 18 in Redhill, Gloucestershire.

"2011 looks set to be another amazing year for four cross with growth once more here in the United Kingdom," said organizer Chris Roberts.

"Enquires about the series from riders are well up on previous years, many of the tracks have had changes over the winter and now to add Schwalbe as the title sponsor to the series is a huge boost for four cross here in Britain. I can't wait to get the series underway at Leamington on April 3.

"Schwalbe are incredibly proud to be the title sponsor of The National Four Cross Series 2011. We view four cross as one of the most exciting and technically challenging mountain bike disciplines around. We're looking forward to exposing four cross to new audiences... and we hope to achieve big things this year for the four fanatics!" said Schwalbe's Dave Taylor.

Schwalbe is also supporting the British four cross national championships, which will be held July 17 in Harthill, Cheshire.

A complete schedule is below. For more information on the series, visit

2011 Schwalbe British Four Cross Series
April 3: Round 1 - Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
May 8: Round 2 - Penshurst, Kent
May 28: Round 3 - Afan, South Wales
July 16: Round 4 - Harthill, Cheshire
August 6-7: Rounds 5 & 6 - Southwest Extreme, Devon
September 18: Round 7 - Redhill, Gloucestershire