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A message to Cyclingnews readers

A supporter holds a French national flag at the Tour de France
(Image credit: Getty Images Sport)

A message to our readers,

It goes without saying that cycling, whether it’s following the professional peloton or your own recreational interest, has taken a back seat in your lives over recent days and weeks. The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus and the threat to public health has created an understandable level of anxiety. Here at Cyclingnews, those feelings are no different.

While no one knows what the next few months will bring or how long we will all be at the mercy of the pandemic, I feel it’s important to stress that the website team is doing everything in their power to ensure that the site keeps providing you with exciting and engaging content.

Of course, with no major racing on the horizon and travel restrictions in place, some of our plans have needed significant adjustment. That said, we still believe that we can be your first port of call for news, reviews, buying advice, features, and analysis.

Over the coming weeks, you're likely to see more tech – both race- and review-based – as well as a boost in exciting feature content from our sister publication, Procycling.

We will divert energies from the coverage of cancelled and postponed races towards a deeper analysis of the sport, more exclusive interviews, retro pieces, our 25th anniversary – and we will do that while still providing you with the minute-by-minute news you’ve come to expect from your favourite cycling site.

As we’re doing everything we can to provide you with coverage, all we ask in return is that you stay safe and look after those around you.

(And wash your hands!)

Daniel and the Cyclingnews team 

Editor in Chief - Cyclingnews.