Best women’s road bike saddles: Say goodbye to numbness and discomfort

Five of the best women's saddles lined up next to each other
(Image credit: Charlotte)

We’ve all been there; dealing with an uncomfortable saddle that offers numbness and sores over comfort. But no longer do we women have to endure that pain just for the sake of riding a bike. With a little bit of time and research, it's certainly possible to find the best women's road bike saddle for you, and that's what this guide is designed to help with.

First and foremost, I say "for you," because it’s really important to state that women come in all different shapes and sizes, especially down there. Therefore, whatever may suit me during testing, may not be what your body likes when it comes to sit bone width or how your soft tissue is. Therefore, I’ve not only included the saddles I personally liked when testing  also those that have been adored by others too. 

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