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Best women’s cycling gloves: mitts and full-finger gloves for year-round cycling

Best women's cycling gloves
(Image credit: GripGrab)

For the northern hemisphere, it’s the time of year when your mitts are being overlooked in favour of full-fingered gloves most of the time. With the variability of the weather right now, it’s useful to have an array of the best cycling gloves to hand: mitts for the days when the sun powers through, windproof gloves for frosty mornings, waterproof gloves for downpours, and full-on winter gloves for when you need them.

Women’s road cycling gloves are available in both half- and full-finger options and feature different levels of padding (if they have any at all). While some are designed for adding comfort, others are claimed to be more aero than your skin. No matter their intended purpose, all women’s cycling gloves will offer a degree of protection from abrasion as well. After all, there’s nothing worse than road rash on the palm of your hands.

We’ve rounded up our pick of the best women’s cycling gloves for riding year-round, and if you're after some buying advice, skip ahead to our guide on how to choose the best cycling gloves.

Best women’s cycling gloves

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: Endura)

Endura Windchill Women’s long finger gloves

Excellent for keeping the biting cold at bay

Closure: Elasticated | Padding: Gel | Palm: PU | RRP: £29.99

Warmth without compromising dexterity
Reflective details and bright colours
 No adjustability in the fit 

Endura's Windchill gloves are designed to block out the cold bite of winter, while retaining much-needed dexterity. Silicone print features on the polyurethane palm and finger tips, while gel padding protects the heel of the hand, under the thumb, and beneath the knuckles.

The stretch cuff is designed to provide a snug fit, while reflective details and bright colour blocks help your hand signals to be seen in low-light.

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: SupaCaz)

SupaCaz SupaG Long

Eye-catching minimalist cycling gloves

Closure: Elastic | Padding: None | Palm: Clarino leather | RRP: £41.20

Bright colours
Silicone on palm
 No adjustability in the fit 

If all you want in a glove is a bit of abrasion-protection in a crash, and perhaps a bit of pizzazz, then the SupaCaz SupaG Long will keep your palms road-rash free and your fingers warm, while adding some style to your wardrobe in the process. We particularly love this Oil Slick colouring.

With a snug aero cut, the mesh-backed SupaG gloves are based around lightweight fabrics and use a slip-on design. The palm is made from perforated Clarino leather, while the silicone SupaCaz logo offers added purchase on the controls. 

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: Sealskinz)

Sealskinz Waterproof Womens All Weather Cycle Gloves

Waterproof, windproof and reflective for winter

Closure: Velcro | Padding: Foam | Palm: PU | RRP: £45

Anti-slip lining
Excellent control and dexterity
Holds up to all weather conditions
 Thick cuffs can make layering difficult 

These all-weather gloves from Sealskinz are waterproof, windproof and reflective. The three-layer construction promotes warmth, durability and waterproofing, and consists of an outer layer of polyester, polyurethane, nylon and elastane. Meanwhile, the 100 per cent polyurethane membrane in the middle helps to keep water out and the warmth in, and the 100 per cent polyester inner layer feels soft against the skin.

They also feature an anti-slip lining that’s designed to offer control and dexterity, without any bunching or slipping inside. The only downside is that the cuff is pretty thick, which can make it difficult to tuck under a jacket sleeve.

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: Castelli)

Castelli Perfetto RoS

All-weather protection with neoprene and Gore-Tex Windstopper fabric

Closure: Elasticated | Padding: Foam | Palm: Silicone | RRP: £65

Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper material
Neoprene continues to insulate when wet
Castelli Damping System for extra comfort

With a combination of Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper fabric and a neoprene stretch cuff, the Perfetto RoS gloves are well equipped to handle most weather conditions. Silicone zones across the palm offer good grip, while Castelli’s women-specific sizing delivers a snug fit that’s easy to pull on and off again.

The gloves feature the Castelli Damping System, which aims to prevent numbness and discomfort caused by gripping the bars for prolonged periods. It combines foam cushioning and protection in key areas of palm to damp road vibration.

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: Giro)

Giro Monica II Gel

Fully featured cycling mitts with a classic aesthetic

Closure: Velcro | Padding: Gel | Palm: Pittard leather | RRP: £45

 Well laid out padding 
 Sizing comes small 

Giro's Monica II gel glove features a supple Pittard leather palm with 3mm Technogel padding over the heel of the hand, under the thumb and behind the crease of your fingers. 

Most of the back is made from mesh, with the exception of the suede thumb, which is soft on the bottom of your nose, post-snot rocket. The gloves feature reflective accents, plus a velcro closure at the top and a pull tab on the palm to help you get them over your knuckles. 

Sizing is on the small side, so you’d be advised to size-up.

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: Specialized)

Specialized BG Sport Gel

Women’s Body Geometry fit with gel padding

Closure: Velcro | Padding: Gel | Palm: Synthetic suede | RRP: £22.50

Strategically-placed gel padding
Breathable upper mesh 
 Limited colour options 

The Specialized BG Sport Gel women’s gloves are comfort and endurance-oriented, with strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm. Additional foam padding is also included in key contact areas.

The breathable upper mesh provides a comfortable fit, while the Microwipe thumb provides a way of brushing away sweat. The Velcro strap wrist closure provides easy adjustment and makes putting the gloves on and taking them off easy and convenient.

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: GripGrab)

GripGrab Women's Rouleur Gloves

Simple all-rounders that look great

Closure: Velcro | Padding: Foam | Palm: Polyurethane | RRP: £25.95

Great colour options
 Not suitable for long rides 

The Rouler gloves from GripGrab are simple all-rounders with foam padding in the synthetic suede palm, while the Velcro wrist closure and pull-off tabs make fitting and removal easy on the go.

The foam padding is ideal for shorter road rides, and would be less suitable for long-distance cycling. 

Available in an array of colours, they’re a well-priced pair of mitts that look good and do a simple job.

Best women's cycling gloves

(Image credit: Ale)

Alé Crono Velocissimo Gloves

High-cuff fingerless aero gloves

Closure: Elastic | Padding: Minimal | Palm: Polyamide | RRP: £35

High cuff for aero performance
Hi-viz fluro colours
 Minimal padding 

With their high cuff and elasticated wrist that sits flat against the skin, these Alé Crono Velocissimo Gloves are designed with aerodynamics in mind, and claim to minimise drag as far as possible.

The polyamide palms feature minimal padding on the heel of the hand and under the thumb.

Available in three Fluro colours for high visibility in low-light conditions.

How to choose the best cycling gloves 

It’s easy to get a little lost while navigating the sheer amount of women’s cycling gloves available, so we’ve made it easier for you to make the decision. Here are several factors to consider, which should help you narrow down your options to something that will truly suit your needs.

1. Fit

Fit can vary massively, especially amongst gloves with vastly different weights. However, generally you should opt for a snug fit that doesn’t restrict your dexterity or range of movement. If gloves are too tight they can cut off circulation, whereas a too loose fit can cause bunching and hotspots, or even blisters.

2. Palm

Women’s cycling gloves come with various levels of padding. Racing mitts, for example, offer minimal cushioning, while more plush gel-padded gloves can keep your palms comfy for hours on end.

When it comes to padding, there are two different schools of thought. Most brands will prioritise cushioning the heel of your hand, while others like Specialized, for example, place the padding in the middle of the palm to alleviate nerve pressure. What works for you will come down to personal preference and the type of terrain you're riding. After all, glassy Swiss tarmac doesn’t require padded cycling gloves, while hours of washboard gravel likely does.

Most cycling gloves tend to have a palm made from synthetic leather, which is both breathable and durable against general wear, tear and abrasion.

3. Half-finger vs long-finger

Half-finger cycling gloves - or mitts - are generally the norm for road riding, especially in the warmer months of the year. They’re usually made from a lightweight and breathable fabric over the back of the hand, while a synthetic-leather palm helps to protect against abrasion. With your fingertips exposed, you have full dexterity and can use smartphones and touchscreen devices with ease. 

Full-finger gloves are also available, and often come into their own during the winter months when the frosty mornings start to nibble away at our digits. These can often include technical materials for windproofing and waterproofing.

4. Nose wipe

If you're anything like us, as soon as you start pedalling, your nose starts to run. Look for cycling gloves with a nose wipe on the thumb, ideally made from fleece or terry cloth, both of which are softer on the skin and provide better camouflage for stowaway bogeys.

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