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Best bike floor pumps

Best bike floor pumps
(Image credit: Topeak)

Choosing the best bike pump is very much dependent on your tire inflation needs. If you're looking for a pump to quickly top up your tires before you head out the door, you'll likely want a floor pump. 

Punctures are a pet peeve for any cyclist. They can strike at any time no matter how robust your tires might be - even chunky mountain bike tires aren't immune.

Having a good pump at hand is important to avoid being stranded at the side of the road or sitting at home unable to go for a ride because of a flat tire. Floor pumps are the best for big inflation duties, be that at home or in the car park before a race. 

Otherwise known as track pumps, floor pumps are the most efficient method for inflating tires at home. With a wide steady base, a large air chamber and being able to use your weight to push the handle makes inflation much quicker and easier than a handheld pump. Floor pumps also have long hoses, which makes reaching valves simple, even if a bike is mounted on a work stand. 

Most floor pumps will include a pressure gauge so that tire pressure can be set up accurately. An analogue gauge is simple and easy to read, however, some offer digital gauges for easier reading. 

As the forces that are put through floor pumps are greater than hand pumps, investing in a high-quality pump - rather than cheaper plastic designs - is worthwhile. Often, high-end brands will offer spare parts and replacement seals should you need to service your floor pump.

Best overall

(Image credit: Lezyne)

Lezyne CNC Digital Drive

Lezyne’s material choice and finishing makes this a professional-grade tool

Lezyne’s CNC Digital Drive Pump is a professional pump with its aluminum construction and finish. Lezyne has specced a digital gauge for clear readings which measures to a claimed accuracy of 97 per cent.

Lezyne has redesigned the valve head, the new ABS1 Pro uses a chuck that flips between Presta and Schrader and securely screws onto the valve. The valve head has a valve-core tool that is integrated on the rear of the unit for tubeless systems.

Lezyne offers a range of seal kits and spares should you need to service your pump or wish to fit different valve heads, extenders or hoses.

Most versatile

(Image credit: Topeak)

Topeak Joe Blow Booster

Two-in-one floor pump for quick inflation and tubeless setup

Tubeless has been around in mountain biking for a while but as it becomes more popular for road, having a booster is a great help in ensuring successful tubeless setup. The booster works by pressurising a one-litre air chamber to 160psi before blasting the air into the tire to seat it properly on the rim.

A simple switch on the gauge allows you to transfer between charge and inflate mode, releasing the charged air from the booster. The big gauge is mounted to the top of the booster making it easier to read while using the pump. 

The head uses Topeak's Smarthead technology to adapt to any valve type without the need to change any parts. A 152cm hose allows you to reach your valves easily, even if the bike is mounted in a work stand.

Most reliable

(Image credit: Topeak)

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure floor pump

An excellent all-rounder for newbies and pros alike

Another one from Topeak’s Joe Blow range, the Sport III offers excellent all-around pumping performance. Where you need durability, you have metal parts, and where you need to save weight, you have plastic. It’s well-designed and built, as is the easy-to-read pressure gauge.

A user-friendly and versatile pump that can be appreciated by newbies and pros alike, the head design is great, while the accuracy is top-notch. The Joe Blow Sport III provides solid performance and is a good choice for any cyclist.

Best value

(Image credit: BV)

BV Bicycle Ergonomic bike floor pump

Great value for money option

With the BV pump, you get many of the same features you’d find on other floor pumps in this list: high maximum capacity of 160 PSI, an easy-to-read pressure gauge to help you set your desired air pressure, and a smart reversible valve head that works with both Presta and Schrader Valves. The head has a lever to lock it into place, preventing slipping and leaking, and enabling a firm grip. 

The oversized handle is ergonomically designed to be easier to grip and more comfortable to use than its competitors. Meanwhile the long steel barrel allows more air to be pushed through with each pump, making it easier and faster to pump. The extra long hose has a 360-degree pivot to make pumping as easy as possible, while the stable and durable base helps the whole thing to sit pretty while you get the job done. 

Repair kit included

(Image credit: Vibrelli)

Vibrelli Performance Bike floor pump with gauge

Comes with an emergency patch kit so you’re always prepared

The Vibrelli Performance floor pump makes a great choice for beginners, as it’s not heavy duty but does a decent job with light usage. The solid construction and easy-to-read pressure gauge make it a user-friendly and good all-round pump. It performs well and will suit most people’s needs, from inflating low-pressure mountain bike tires to high-pressure road tires. As long as you don’t have a fleet of bikes that need pumping every single day, it’s likely to last a long time and keep your bike on the road.

As an added bonus, the Vibrelli comes with an emergency glueless patch repair kit, so you’re always prepared. Just be sure to pocket them whenever you’re out on a ride, or keep them at home for an evening of patching tubes in front of the TV.