Junior women vie for four national championships

Rivera and Huang defend 'cross titles

Though known as a sprinter Coryn Rivera (Proman Hit Squad) is no slouch on the dirt. The talented racer added another cyclo-cross national title to her collection on Friday in the women's 17-18 age group race, taking the win almost one minute ahead of Planet Bike's Kaitlin Antonneau.

"I took the hole shot and Kaitlin and I fought for the lead a few times," said Rivera. "I was able to ride the run-up and they ran it so I got some time from there. I put in a lot of work this year, so I'm happy."

Sarah Huang (Planet Bike), last year's 13-14 winner, moved up to the 15-16 age division and dethroned the reigning champ Alexis Ryan (SoCal Cross).

"The 15-16 division is a lot faster," said Huang, a two-time criterium national champion. "The course was much more technical and slick, but it was a lot of fun."

Tiziana DeHorney (Active Knowledge), the 2007 sixth-place finisher in the 10-12 age group, moved to the top step of the podium this year taking the 13-14 national title in a tight finish with silver medalist Emma White (Capital Bicycle Racing Club).

"I was so excited," said DeHorney. "I'm even more excited to wear my new [stars-and-strips] jersey. I love the color blue; [I] think I'm going to frame it."

A four-year cyclo-cross veteran, 11-year-old Mina Anderburg (Team Fuji) defended her stars-and-stripes from a year ago against nearly a dozen other 10-12 year-olds in the youngest female age division.


Junior women 17-18
1Coryn Rivera (Proman Hit Squad)0:29:53 
2Kaitlin Antonneau (Planet Bike)0:00:47 
3Kendall Ryan (Socalcross)0:02:04 
4Emily Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling Club)0:03:21 
5Clarissa Freeman (Team Cross)0:03:59 
6Katherine Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling)0:04:46 
7Matilda Field0:05:38 
8Sierra Reid  
DNSSarah Tannyhill (Rmcef-westside)  
Junior women 15-16
1Sarah Huang (Planet Bike)0:33:00 
2Alexis Ryan (Socalcross)0:00:34 
3Emily Curley0:00:59 
4Corrie Osborne0:01:40 
5Taylor Tyynismaa0:02:05 
6Madeleine Myall (California Giant Berry Farms/s)0:02:13 
7Hannah Finchamp (Team C.i.c.l.e.)0:02:43 
8Larisa Wade (Rad Racing)0:03:08 
9Catherine Maier (Rad Racing Nw)0:04:41 
10Maxime Schimmel (Bike Trip/scjcc)0:07:42 
DNSLaura Wright (BMW-Bianchi)  
Junior women 13-14
1Tiziana DeHorney (Active Knowledge)0:16:45 
2Emma White (Capital Bicycle Racing Club/ C)0:00:01 
3Laurel Rathbun (5280 Magazine)0:00:23 
4McCauley Smith (Boulder Junior Cycling)0:01:29 
5Andrea Casebolt (Rad Racing Nw)0:01:37 
6Anna Suter (Black Sheep Jr Racing)0:03:04 
7Rachel Dobrozsi (Qcw Lionhearts)0:03:40 
8Kirsten Williams (Natural Grocers P/b Xp Compani)0:03:59 
9Ellie Welshon (Black Sheep Junior Cycling)0:04:02 
10Mackenzie Green (Lionhearts)0:04:25 
11Anna Beshlian (20/20 Fuel)0:04:55 
12Marisa Reid (Zteam)0:05:58 
Junior women 10-12
1Mina Anderberg (Team Fuji)0:18:38 
2Eden Webb0:00:34 
3Ashley Zoerner0:01:03 
4Haley Wilson0:05:09 
5Claire McHale0:05:36 
6Frances Haley (Red Zone Cycling)0:07:34 
7Cate McShane (Red Zone Cycling)0:10:13 
8Alyssa Hoyt0:10:57 
9Elle Williams0:15.38 
DNFVeda Gerasimek (One Call Now)  
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