Bosman leads Dutch domination

Van der Haar leads World Cup

Gert-Jan Bosman (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team) finished off the blistering performance of the Dutch team in the second round of the World Cup in Koksijde, Belgium on Saturday morning. Bosman was the first across the line as the Dutch swept the first five places. World Cup leader and European champion Lars van der Haar (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team) was fourth and remains leader. Belgians Wietse Bosmans (BKCP-Powerplus) and Vinnie Braet (Sunweb-Revor) ended up at the wrong side of the big group, finishing sixth and seventh respectively.

“It’s good to win again. I knew the form was good and that this course suited me well so I’m glad it finally delivered. We [Dutch riders] didn’t talk with each other but you could tell we were riding with rather than against each other,” Bosman said.

Stan Godrie (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team) led the race after the first lap. The first-year U23 rider was then joined by a big group that included Bosman, Van der Haar, Micki van Empel (Telenet-Fidea), Mike Teunissen (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team), Belgians Bosmans and Braet. Originally Arnaud Jouffroy, Arnaud Grand (Switzerland), Diether Sweeck (Belgium) and David van der Poel (Netherlands) featured in this lead group as well.

Pre-race favourite Van der Haar explained that he didn’t have a good day and didn’t manage to create a further selection. “I felt it when I ran. Usually you blast through the sand and then you have a gap but I didn’t have it today. I wasn’t well warmed up because we had to park so far away, had a fire in the camper, and were forced to stay in the box for 15 minutes. That didn’t help,” Van der Haar said.

Despite a few accelerations, Van der Haar realized that if the Dutch wanted to win he had to play it smart. “I dropped back into fourth place with Wietse [Bosmans] behind me. I didn’t want to risk that a late crash would ruin it for us,” Van der Haar said. Bosman profited the most from the Dutch tactics and he blasted up the finishing straight with a small gap on his four compatriots.

The American participants were unable to leave their mark in Koksijde, however. Luke Keough (Champions System – Keough Cyclocross) had a great start and rode in fifth place early on before he crashed out and quit the race. Zach McDonald (Rapha-Focus) was seventeenth. “I’m 17th now. I know what to do to crack the top 10 here at the world championships. It’s sandy. I had an average start, no complaints about that. You have to ride smart on this course. There’s no space to pass because you end up in the deep sand. It’s better to ride smooth than fast,” McDonald told Cyclingnews. Cody Kaiser (California - Giant) barely managed to stay within the same lap as the leaders and finished 52nd.

Van der Haar now leads the World Cup with 100 points. Bosman (84 points) and Teunissen (80 points) are second and third. Bosmans is the first non-Dutch rider in fourth place with 70 points. McDonalds drops a spot from tenth to eleventh with his 36 points.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gert-Jan Bosman (Ned) Netherlands0:52:41 
2Stan Godrie (Ned) Netherlands0:00:05 
3Micki Van Empel (Ned) Netherlands0:00:07 
4Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Netherlands0:00:11 
5Mike Teunissen (Ned) Netherlands  
6Wietse Bosmans (Bel) Belgium0:00:12 
7Vinnie Braet (Bel) Belgium0:00:13 
8Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands  
9Jens Adams (Bel) Belgium0:00:26 
10Arnaud Jouffroy (Fra) France0:00:36 
11Arnaud Grand (Swi) Switzerland0:00:39 
12Marek Konwa (Pol) Poland0:00:40 
13Karel Hnik (Cze) Czech Republic0:00:41 
14Tim Merlier (Bel) Belgium0:00:57 
15Diether Sweeck (Bel) Belgium0:01:00 
16Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) France0:01:02 
17Zach Mcdonald (USA) United States0:01:15 
18Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) Belgium0:01:16 
19Stef Boden (Bel) Belgium-B0:01:49 
20Kenneth Hansen (Den) Denmark0:01:53 
21Michael Vanthourenhout (Bel) Belgium-B0:02:20 
22Floris De Tier (Bel) Belgium-B0:02:24 
23Jan Nesvadba (Cze) Czech Republic0:02:29 
24Lars Forster (Swi) Switzerland0:02:37 
25Laurens Sweeck (Bel) Belgium-B0:02:53 
26Tomas Paprstka (Cze) Czech Republic0:03:01 
27Elia Silvestri (Ita) Italy0:03:15 
28Jakub Skala (Cze) Czech Republic0:03:23 
29David Van Der Poel (Ned) Netherlands0:03:25 
30Igor Smarzaro (Ita) Italy0:03:33 
31Jens Vandekinderen (Bel) Belgium-B0:03:36 
32David Menut (Fra) France  
33Camille Thominet (Fra) France0:04:08 
34Emil Arvid Olsen (Den) Denmark0:04:13 
35Max Walsleben (Ger) Germany0:04:28 
36Vincent Dias Dos Santos (Lux) Luxembourg0:04:30 
37Michael Wildhaber (Swi) Switzerland0:04:32 
38Yannick Eckmann (Ger) Germany0:04:33 
39Clément Venturini (Fra) France0:04:36 
40Jonas Pedersen (Den) Denmark0:04:37 
41Vojtech Nipl (Cze) Czech Republic0:04:44 
42Bastien Duculty (Fra) France0:04:47 
43Inigo Gomez Elorriaga (Spa) Spain0:05:20 
44Jon Gomez Elorriaga (Spa) Spain0:05:26 
45Michael (Jr) Schweizer (Ger) Germany0:05:39 
46Toon Aerts (Bel) Belgium-B0:05:48 
47Steven James (GBr) Great Britain0:06:00 
48Michel Vuelta Izquierdo (Spa) Spain0:06:26 
49Domenico Maria Salviani (Ita) Italy  
50Lubomir Petrus (Cze) Czech Republic0:06:33 
51Pablo Rodriguez Guede (Spa) Spain0:06:37 
52Cody Kaiser (USA) United States0:06:44 
53Jonathan Lastra Martinez (Spa) Spain0:07:01 
54Julian Lehmann (Ger) Germany - 1 lap 
55Constantin Liebenow (Ger) Germany - 1 lap 
56Jack Clarkson (GBr) Great Britain - 1 lap 
57Patryk Kostecki (Pol) Poland - 1 lap 
58Lex Reichling (Lux) Luxembourg - 1 lap 
59Matis Preimanis (Lat) Latvia - 2 laps 
60Luke Gray (GBr) Great Britain - 2 laps 
61Scott Thiltges (Lux) Luxembourg - 2 laps 
62Bartosz Pilis (Pol) Poland - 2 laps 
63Tom Schwarmes (Lux) Luxembourg - 2 laps 
64Andrew Hargroves (GBr) Great Britain - 3 laps 
65Domas Manikas (Ltu) Lithuania - 3 laps 
66Jaroslav Chalas (Svk) Slovakia - 3 laps 
67Wojciech Malec (Pol) Poland - 3 laps 
68Marek Michalec (Svk) Slovakia - 3 laps 
69Sebastian Mlynski (Pol) Poland - 4 laps 
World Cup standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Netherlands100 pts
2Gert-Jan Bosman (Ned) Netherlands84 
3Mike Teunissen (Ned) Netherlands80 
4Wietse Bosmans (Bel) Belgium70 
5Stan Godrie (Ned) Netherlands65 
6Micki Van Empel (Ned) Netherlands59 
7Arnaud Grand (Swi) Switzerland55 
8Elia Silvestri (Ita) Italy54 
9Vinnie Braet (Bel) Belgium54 
10Karel Hnik (Cze) Czech Republic37 
11Zach Mcdonald (USA) United States36 
12David Van Der Poel (Ned) Netherlands32 
13Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) Belgium31 
14Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) France31 
15Vojtech Nipl (Cze) Czech Republic28 
16Jan Nesvadba (Cze) Czech Republic28 
17Michiel Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands26 
18Tim Merlier (Bel) Belgium26 
19Jens Adams (Bel) Belgium24 
20Arnaud Jouffroy (Fra) France22 
21Marek Konwa (Pol) Poland19 
22Tomas Paprstka (Cze) Czech Republic18 
23Tijmen Eising (Ned) Netherlands17 
24Diether Sweeck (Bel) Belgium16 
25Kenneth Hansen (Den) Denmark15 
26Stef Boden (Bel) Belgium12 
27Lubomir Petrus (Cze) Czech Republic12 
28Yannick Mayer (Ger) Germany11 
29Michael Vanthourenhout (Bel) Belgium10 
30Luca Braidot (Ita) Italy10 
31Floris De Tier (Bel) Belgium9 
32Igor Smarzaro (Ita) Italy9 
33Lars Forster (Swi) Switzerland7 
34Radek Polnicky (Cze) Czech Republic7 
35Laurens Sweeck (Bel) Belgium6 
36Sven Beelen (Bel) Belgium6 
37Michael Boros (Cze) Czech Republic5 
38Jakub Skala (Cze) Czech Republic4 
39Bryan Falaschi (Ita) Italy3 
40Michael Schweizer (Ger) Germany2 
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