UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships 2011

January 29-30, 2011, St-Wendel, GER, Cyclo-cross - CM

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Susan Westemeyer

It's time for the showdown:  the Elite men are taking to the course at the 'cross Worlds!

  1. 13:53:25 CET

    Welcome back to the 'Cross Worlds.  We expect an equally exciting race from the men this afternoon.

  2. 13:56:25 CET

    The question of the day is:  Will the Belgian win a medal?  They have been shut out so far this weekend.

  3. 13:58:34 CET

    The sun is still shining and it is still very cold.  We have a huge crowd here. No doubt some of them have been drinking something to keep themselves warm.....

  4. 13:59:15 CET

    They are all lined up and ready to go.  We expect a very aggressive race today.

  5. 13:59:35 CET

    Off they go!

  6. 13:59:51 CET

    A bunch of Belgians in the lead.....

  7. 14:01:01 CET

    Zdenek Stybar is at the front, followed by the Belgians.  And we have our first crash. 

  8. 14:01:52 CET

    The leaders are up that short but nasty crash that bothered the women so much.  Most of them put a foot down, and a few walked up.  But as far as we can tell there were no crashes there.

  9. 14:02:29 CET

    Stybar still leads a bunch of Belgians.

  10. 14:03:26 CET

    UP the stairs they go for the first time.  A Belgian has now moved ahead of Stybar.

  11. 14:04:01 CET

    Steve Chainel of France is also up at the front. Stybar has moved back into the lead.

  12. 14:05:25 CET

    Stybar and a Belgian have a slight lead over the rest.  The race is pretty spread out.

  13. 14:06:11 CET

    Tom Meeusen is right behind Stybar.  We hnow have a group of seven or so, including an American.

  14. 14:06:36 CET

    Stybar leads the group over the finish line for the first time.

  15. 14:07:13 CET

    There is a group of seven in the lead, but the next riders are not far back.  many riders bunny hop over the barriers.

  16. 14:07:49 CET

    One of the Belgians attacks and takes a lead over Stybar.  But he is caught again.

  17. 14:09:06 CET

    The pace is high here and the guys are going all out.

  18. 14:09:55 CET

    Stybar is in the lead again but keeping a wary eye on all those light blue Belgian jerseys.

  19. 14:11:09 CET

    The race is gettng more and more spread out, but we still don't have any huge gaps.

  20. 14:11:56 CET

    Sven Nys is in the lead, looking back to see where the others are.

  21. 14:12:29 CET

    Stybar again leads the group over the finish line, ahead of Chainel and Page of the US.

  22. 14:13:23 CET

    There is a group of 20 or so befor a break to the next group.  We are still waiting for the day's decisive move.

  23. 14:14:21 CET

    Chainel is doing the lead work now.

  24. 14:15:19 CET

    But it is Stybar who once again is first on the stairs.

  25. 14:15:58 CET

    A lead group of 10 -- maybe? -- has put some space into the rest.

  26. 14:17:42 CET

    Now the race is exploding.  Four riders ahead, two a bit latler, and so on.  Stybar is in the lead ahead of a Belgian and Philipp Walsleben of Germany, who has moved way up.

  27. 14:18:26 CET

    The trio of Stybar, Walsleben and Nys has a five second lead over the next group at the finish line.  These guys are flying!

  28. 14:18:55 CET

    The leading trio looks to be building up their lead.

  29. 14:19:19 CET

    Nys and Stybar hop over the barriers, Walsleben dismounts.

  30. 14:19:50 CET

    Walsleben has therefore fallen back a few meters.

  31. 14:20:40 CET

    Three more riders, two of them Belgian, have now nearly caught the three leaders.

  32. 14:21:02 CET

    Up the stairs they run again.

  33. 14:21:48 CET

    The leading six riders are quite stretched out but have a definite lead.

  34. 14:24:14 CET

    Our leading group is:  Stybar, Nys, Walsleben, Fortana (Italy), Pauwels and Vantournout (both Belgium).

  35. 14:24:52 CET

    We mean of course Fontana and not Fortana..... can't read our own handwriting.

  36. 14:25:41 CET

    Am American has crashed near the finish line.  He looks to be caught in the pedal and isn't jumping right up.  He doesn't appeared to be injured, but very frustated...

  37. 14:26:47 CET

    Fontana now leads the group, right ahead of Stybar.

  38. 14:27:28 CET

    Stybar jumps ahead and as always runs up the stairs first.  Fontana falling back.

  39. 14:28:09 CET

    Fontana and Vantournout have fallen back.  We have four in the lead now.

  40. 14:29:28 CET

    Stybar and Nys have built up a small gap over Walsleben and Pauwels.

  41. 14:30:38 CET

    Stybar and NYse cross the finish line seven seconds ahead of Walsleben, Pauwels and Vantournout.

  42. 14:31:02 CET

    Fontana was sixth, 16 seconds back.

  43. 14:31:50 CET

    It looks like the two leaders might be building up enough of a lead that they won't be caught.

  44. 14:32:43 CET

    Walsleben looks to be weakening.

  45. 14:33:19 CET

    No change of bikes for the two leaders as they now run up the stairs.

  46. 14:34:01 CET

    A big gap from the leaders to the chasing trio, a huge gap behind them.

  47. 14:35:37 CET

    Stybar and Nys area heading to the finish line again.  What will the gap be now?

  48. 14:36:33 CET

    Five laps to go, and the two leaders have 20 seconds over the chasers.

  49. 14:38:13 CET

    Stybar and Nys are rotating the lead work fairly regularly.

  50. 14:38:39 CET

    The chasing trio is now a quartet, as Fontana has caught up again.

  51. 14:38:57 CET

    Stybar takes a new bike this time.

  52. 14:40:52 CET

    Stybar now has  lead over Nys and is pulling away.

  53. 14:41:41 CET

    The chasing group of four is pretty spread out now, too.

  54. 14:42:12 CET

    With four laps to go, Stybar has six seconds over Nys.

  55. 14:42:54 CET

    The chasers are way back at 57 seconds!

  56. 14:43:38 CET

    Can Stybar keep it up?  What's up with Nys?  Will he be able to make a successful chase?

  57. 14:44:38 CET

    Stybar looks to be increasing his lead.

  58. 14:45:43 CET

    Stybar slipped a bit on an ascending curve, but is no danger of being caught.

  59. 14:46:46 CET

    Stybar is really going for it.  Nys falls further and further back.

  60. 14:47:16 CET

    Just about the only question now is who will take bronze.....

  61. 14:48:19 CET

    Three laps to go for Stybar to claim his next title.  Nys is still giving furious chase but is now 20 seconds down.

  62. 14:49:04 CET

    The four chasers are at 1:03.

  63. 14:49:37 CET

    STybar bunny hops over the barriers and easily climbs that nasty little climb.

  64. 14:50:10 CET

    Vantournout has pulled slightly away from his companions.  But they don't let him get far away.

  65. 14:50:57 CET

    Stybar first up the stairs, what a surprise!

  66. 14:51:16 CET

    Nys shoulders his bike and climbs.

  67. 14:51:56 CET

    Vantournout and Walsleben have a small gap over Pauwels and Fontana.

  68. 14:52:26 CET

    A huge gap behind the four chasers.

  69. 14:53:02 CET

    Stybar is looking as smooth as one can on this rough course.  He will hit the track again soon.

  70. 14:53:53 CET

    Stybar will be riding for Quick Step on the road as of March 1. How much more will we see him on the 'cross courses?

  71. 14:54:21 CET

    Stybar over the finish line, with two laps to go.  Nys at19 seconds.

  72. 14:55:20 CET

    The chase group has exploded. Walsleben now leads the chase,at 1:04 down, with Pauwels four seconds behind him.

  73. 14:56:48 CET

    Three of the chasers are togheter, but they have dropped Fontana.

  74. 14:57:45 CET

    Stybar looks to be riding more confidently by the minute.  Barring disaster, he should have this locked up.

  75. 14:58:59 CET

    Walsleben is doing his best to secure third place, but will he stand a chance against the two Belgians?

  76. 14:59:49 CET

    Stybar is on the track and headlng for the bell lap!

  77. 15:00:30 CET

    Nys crosses the finish line at 18 seconds, staying fairly constant.

  78. 15:00:52 CET

    Walsleben changes bikes quickly.

  79. 15:01:32 CET

    The trio of chasers is 1:26 down.

  80. 15:02:17 CET

    There are a number of empty cups along the course.  We don't think they are coffee cups.....

  81. 15:02:59 CET

    All three chasers walk over the barriers but ride up the little climb, with only a slight problem for Vantournout.

  82. 15:03:54 CET

    Fontana and Mourey of France have caught the chasing trio.

  83. 15:04:31 CET

    Nys must be hoping against hope that somehow he can still pull this out.

  84. 15:04:56 CET

    Fntana has dropped back from the chase group.

  85. 15:05:19 CET

    Stybar can practically cruise from here on out.

  86. 15:05:53 CET

    Stybar is on the track in the stadium

  87. 15:06:41 CET

    Hwe swoops aound the final courner, raise his arms in the air and zig zags his way to the finish line and his second consecutive Worlds title!

  88. 15:07:03 CET

    The chasers have turned on the gas.  Vantournout takes a lead.

  89. 15:07:50 CET

    Nys was second at 18 seconds. and pauwels, not Vantournout, takes third.

  90. 15:08:20 CET

    Not a single Worlds title for Belgium this year!

  91. 15:08:56 CET

    Jonathan Page of the US was 12th.

  92. 15:09:44 CET

    Jose Hermida of Spain, who just happens to be reigning MTB World champ, is 20th here.

  93. 15:11:13 CET

    Niels Albert is 24th, at 4:28. Wonder what happened to him?


  94. 15:12:36 CET

    What an impressive display of strength!  Congratulations to Stybar for repeating his win from last year, and congrats too to Nys and Pauwels.

    Thanks for reading along.

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