Zakelj wins Slovenian cross country championships

Lovse earns men's title

The Slovenian crowd expected a big battle beetwen former world cross country U23 champion Tanja Zakelj and former European marathon champion Blaza Klemencic. Both riders managed to come in the top 10 in the last two World Cup races, so the expectations for the win were big on both sides.

Soon after the start on the technical track in Domzale, Zakelj took the lead and attacked immediately, so Lemencic couldn't take the pace. The lead was increasing during the seven lap race and Zakelj crossed the finish line 1:34 ahead of Klemencic, who was followed by Nina Homovec in third and Ana Zupan in fourth.

Matej Lovse once again proved that he is a specialist in the national championships. Even though his results this season were not very promising, he managed to pull himself together and win his third cross country national champion's jersey.

After the first lap, a group of five elite riders managed to stay together and begin a battle for the win, but by middle of the race, only Lenart Noc and Matej Lovse were left. Noc couldn't withstand the attack in the last kilometers of the race, so Lovse finished with a 52-second margin of victory. Nejc Cernilogar took third place.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Matej Lovše (Uni Team) 1:40:46  
2 Lenart Noc (Ganesha Team) 0:00:52  
3 Nejc Cernilogar (KK Završnica) 0:03:13  
4 Robert Kordež (Orbea Geax) 0:04:17  
5 Matjaž Budin (Orbea Geax) 0:07:00  
6 Blaž Pristovnik (Orbea Geax) 0:08:58  
7 Boštjan Hribovšek (Calcit Bike Team GT) 0:10:34  
8 David Vogrin (Sloga 1902 Idrija) 0:11:27  
-1lap Samo Rauter (Ganesha Team)    
-1lap Luka Vodopivec (Orbea Geax)    
-1lap Grega Cehner (    
-1lap Miha Halzer (KD Hrastnik)    
DNF Primož Jurak (ŠD Brez bremz)    
DNF Luka Mom (Orbea Geax)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tanja Žakelj (Orbea Geax) 1:24:36  
2 Blaža Klemencic (Felt Otztal X-Bionic) 0:01:35  
3 Nina Homovec (Orbea Geax) 0:05:10  
-1lap Ana Zupan (    
U23 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Urban Ferencak (Torpado Surfing Shop) 1:49:11  
2 Nace Krivonog (KK Ravne) 0:01:03  
3 Matic Pirš (Calcit Bike Team GT) 0:03:19  
-1lap Domen Vogrin (Calcit Bike Team GT)    
-1lap Primož Gams (Orbea Geax)    
-2laps Klemen Nicoletti (    
-7laps Klemen Šimnovec (Ganesha Team)    
-7laps Matic Slabanja (    
-8laps Blaž Uršic (Orbea Geax)    
Junior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rok Korošec (Calcit Bike Team GT) 1:23:20  
2 Gregor Dimic ( 0:01:55  
3 Tadej Logar (KK Završnica) 0:02:04  
4 Matej Razingar (KK Završnica) 0:05:49  
5 Luka Vrankar (Calcit Bike Team GT) 0:07:33  
6 Sašo Trebušak (Calcit Bike Team GT) 0:10:47  
7 Aleš Drašler (KD Rajd) 0:14:21  
-1lap Rok Tepina (    
-1lap Rok Kostanjšek (    
-2laps Jure Zagorc (Calcit Bike Team GT)    
-4laps Žiga Grošelj (Sloga 1902 Idrija)    
DNF Žan Podgornik (Sloga 1902 Idrija)    
Junior women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tina Perše (Calcit Bike Team GT) 1:28:01  
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