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Oceania Mountain Bike Continental Championships 2012

Date range:
March 9-11, 2012

March 10, Cross country:

Hanlen and McConnell double up championship titles

Cycling News
March 12, 2012, 15:04 GMT,
March 12, 2012, 15:05 GMT

Henderson and Peters top U23 fields

Cross country racing took place at the Oceania Mountain Bike Championships on Saturday in the Whakarewarewa Forest in Rotorua. The multi-lap, Olympic format races drew a strong presence from Australia, and at the end of the day across the six UCI categories (U19, U23 and elite), Australian athletes claimed two championship titles while New Zealand athletes kept four for their own.

In the morning age group category races, the best athletes this summer all came together again to try to claim the coveted Oceania titles. Form athletes took wins today, with stand-out performances coming from especially the three masters male category winners. Karl Patterson admitted having a very strong premonition of winning this event overnight, and for the ex-elite downhiller following through on that for the win was an empowering experience, taking the masters 30-40 title. Rotorua legend Garth Weinberg owned the masters 40-50 category, and Wellington's Ian Paintin, like Weinberg followed through on his recent national campionship win to also take the Oceanias 50+ win.

The afternoon races were a feast of action, and national pride was on the line through U19, 23 and elite races.The Under 19 men's race delivered a breakthrough win for Rotorua local Nigel McDowell, after Sam Gaze had to withdraw due to a collision at the end of the first lap, with a ruined drivetrain. McDowell was pushed all the way by Nelson's Tom Filmer and Australia's Ben Bradley, and he held on for a very popular win. Another Rotorua local, Amber Johnston won the women's U19 race.

In the under 23s, Australia's Rebecca Henderson was too strong for the New Zealand challenge, while in the under 23 men's race, Rotorua's Dirk Peters again showed the aggression and raw desire for winning he has finely developed this summer for another championship win.

The elite races were pure excitement. New Zealand's male athletes couldn't stay with the pace set by Australia's best exponents of this brutal sport, with Dan McConnell winning this year's Oceania title, to add to his Australian National Championship win earlier this summer. Rotorua's Carl Jones was the best of the New Zealanders with fifth place.

In the elite women's race, the head to head contest between Rosara Joseph and Karen Hanlen drew a large crowd, with an increasing understanding forming of the pure quality of these two athletes. The two were stuck tightly together through the first three laps, both having some issues with a very difficult technical section of the course. However, as she has done several times this summer already, Hanlen applied the blowtorch on the third lap, gapping out to a lead that she stretched and then protected through to the win. Hanlen, like Australian McConnell doubled her championship haul with this Oceanias win, adding this to her 2012 National Championship title.

Both Hanlen and Joseph now pack up for the long trip to South Africa for the first round of the UCI World Cup next weekend, where they will continue their rivalry in the lead-up to potential selection for the London Olympics.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Daniel McConnell (Australia) 1:32:33  
2 Lachlan Norris (Australia) 0:01:05  
3 Paul van der Ploeg (Australia) 0:02:58  
4 Sid Taberlay (Australia) 0:04:17  
5 Carl Jones (New Zealand) 0:04:44  
6 Tim Wilding (New Zealand) 0:07:02  
7 Chris Jongewaard (Australia) 0:08:29  
8 Ben Hogarth (Australia) 0:15:36  
9 Thomas Reynolds (New Zealand) 0:17:18  
Lapped Josh Page (New Zealand)    
Lapped Matthew Andrew (New Zealand)    
Lapped Mark Dunlop (New Zealand)    
Lapped Derek Horton (New Zealand)    
Lapped Mike Northcott (New Zealand)    
DNF Darry Stevens (New Zealand)    
DNS Robert Lewis (Australia)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Karen Hanlen (New Zealand) 1:29:36  
2 Rosara Joseph (New Zealand) 0:02:05  
3 Jenni King (Australia) 0:05:23  
4 Katherine O Neill (New Zealand) 0:09:26  
5 Katherine O Shea (Australia) 0:11:14  
6 Jodie Willett (Australia) 0:11:21  
7 Katrine Gellatly (New Zealand) 0:11:57  
8 Bridget Lodge (New Zealand) 0:12:48  
9 Melissa Newell (New Zealand) 0:17:57  
DNF Raewyn Morrison (New Zealand)    
DNF Fiona Macdermid (New Zealand)    
DNS Elina Ussher (New Zealand)    
DNS Jeanette Gerrie (New Zealand)    
U23 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Dirk Peters (New Zealand) 1:18:36  
2 Cameron Ivory (Australia) 0:01:48  
3 Brad Hudson (New Zealand) 0:02:55  
4 Tom Bradshaw (New Zealand) 0:04:01  
5 Mathew Waghorn (New Zealand) 0:04:03  
6 Samuel Shaw (New Zealand) 0:04:32  
7 Michael Crosbie (Australia) 0:05:17  
8 Adrian Retief (New Zealand) 0:07:41  
9 Jack Haig (Australia) 0:08:31  
10 Harley Going (New Zealand) 0:09:06  
11 Nick Miller (New Zealand) 0:10:13  
12 Alexander Meyland (Australia) 0:10:32  
Lapped Sebastian Jayne (Australia)    
Lapped Ash Hough (New Zealand)    
Lapped James Hanus (Australia)    
U19 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Nigel McDowell (New Zealand) 1:05:19  
2 Tom Filmer (New Zealand) 0:00:38  
3 Ben Bradley (Australia) 0:00:45  
4 Ben Forbes (Australia) 0:02:39  
5 Brett Stokman (New Zealand) 0:03:46  
6 Craig Oliver (New Zealand) 0:03:48  
7 Billy Sewell (Australia) 0:04:35  
8 Tasman Nankervis (Australia) 0:05:12  
9 Tom Fox (New Zealand) 0:05:26  
10 Christopher Aitken (Australia) 0:06:35  
11 Elliot Pearce (New Zealand) 0:07:12  
12 Ben Comfort (Australia) 0:07:34  
13 Josh Parkin (New Zealand) 0:07:44  
14 Simon Lawson (Wellington) 0:08:45  
15 Frank Sutton (New Zealand) 0:09:54  
16 Jacob Langham (Australia) 0:09:59  
17 Ryan Hunt (New Zealand) 0:12:14  
DNF Bradley Jones (New Zealand)    
DNF Samuel Gaze (New Zealand)    
DNS Guy Hirst (New Zealand)    
U23 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rebecca Henderson (Australia) 1:15:20  
2 Samara Sheppard (New Zealand) 0:03:29  
Lapped Sasha Smith (New Zealand)    
U19 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Amber Johnston (New Zealand) 1:02:01  
2 Samantha Hope (New Zealand) 0:02:13  
3 Toshiko Knight (New Zealand) 0:05:22  
4 Emily Parkes (Australia) 0:06:43  
5 Kyna Millan (Australia) 0:12:33  
DNS Holly Harris (Australia)    
U17 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ben Oliver (New Zealand) 1:08:31  
2 David Ashby-Coventry (Timaru) 0:00:56  
3 Gareth Cannon (New Zealand) 0:02:29  
4 Tom Coombes (New Zealand) 0:03:47  
5 Mitchell Campbell (New Zealand) 0:06:31  
6 Cameron Howell (New Zealand) 0:06:45  
7 Peter Bethell (New Zealand) 0:08:44  
8 Jack Compton (New Zealand) 0:10:23  
9 Callum McElroy (New Zealand) 0:10:37  
10 Isaac Schuurman (New Zealand) 0:10:40  
11 Sam Dobbin (New Zealand) 0:11:40  
12 Kim Wright (New Zealand) 0:11:51  
13 Robin Page (New Zealand) 0:13:21  
14 Sam Dakin (New Zealand) 0:13:25  
15 Joshua Lee (New Zealand) 0:14:37  
16 Ryan Craggs (New Zealand) 0:15:33  
17 Ben Friel (New Zealand) 0:17:30  
Lapped Dylan Lee (New Zealand)    
DNF Lewis Eccles (New Zealand)    
DNF Josh Reilly (New Zealand)    
DNF Alex Beaven (New Zealand)    
DNF Nathan Johnston (New Zealand)    
Senior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 John Gray (New Zealand) 1:10:31  
2 Greg Doerksen (Australia) 0:07:07  
3 Matthew Page (New Zealand) 0:10:49  
DNF Braid MacRae (New Zealand)    
Masters 1 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Karl Paterson (New Zealand) 1:12:15  
2 Jonty Taylor (New Zealand) 0:01:08  
3 Gavin McCarthy (New Zealand) 0:01:10  
4 Saul Webb (New Zealand) 0:02:42  
5 Lester Perry (New Zealand) 0:03:19  
6 John Kirkcaldie (New Zealand) 0:03:43  
7 Matt Backler (New Zealand) 0:03:46  
8 Rhys Jenkins-Davies (New Zealand) 0:31:37  
Masters 2 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Garth Weinberg (New Zealand) 1:09:12  
2 Rex Humpherson (New Zealand) 0:07:07  
3 Michael Spanbroek (New Zealand) 0:08:06  
4 Ray Hope (New Zealand) 0:09:59  
5 Andy MacDonald (New Zealand) 0:14:34  
6 Nick Davies (New Zealand) 0:18:48  
7 Sebastian Ziemke (New Zealand) 0:23:05  
8 Brent Rayner (New Zealand) 0:30:16  
Lapped John McRae (New Zealand) 0:00:46  
Lapped Steven Lawson (New Zealand) 0:10:30  
Masters 3 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ian Paintin (New Zealand) 1:15:06  
2 John Henderson (Australia) 0:02:09  
3 Jim McMurray (New Zealand) 0:03:00  
4 Ant Bradshaw (New Zealand) 0:04:40  
5 Paul McDowell (New Zealand) 0:06:23  
Lapped John Kennedy (New Zealand)    
U15 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Eden Cruise (New Zealand) 0:53:30  
2 Liam Jeffries (Australia) 0:02:58  
3 Robert Stannard (New Zealand) 0:06:19  
4 Paul Wright (New Zealand) 0:06:48  
5 Craig Murray (New Zealand) 0:08:07  
6 Connor McRae (New Zealand) 0:08:47  
7 Jake Craggs (New Zealand) 0:13:47  
8 Lewis Ryan (New Zealand) 0:13:50  
9 Joe Sutton (New Zealand) 0:16:47  
10 Henry Carr (New Zealand) 0:17:36  
11 Finn Welsford-Ackroy (New Zealand) 0:19:34  
DNS Kerran Tetley (New Zealand)    
DNS Finn Welsford-Ackroyd (New Zealand)    
Senior women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Monique Avery (New Zealand) 1:02:48  
2 Emma Prestidge (New Zealand) 0:09:26  
U17 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jemma Manchester (New Zealand) 1:03:07  
2 Harriet Beaven (New Zealand) 0:00:42  
3 Shannon Hope (New Zealand) 0:02:58  
4 Charlotte Rayner (New Zealand) 0:08:15  
DNS Kim Wright (New Zealand)    
Masters 1 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Megan Dimozantos (New Zealand) 1:09:20  
2 Amanda Davies (New Zealand) 0:05:31  
Masters 2 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Veronika Ziemke (New Zealand) 1:11:46  
2 Linda Hope (New Zealand) 0:12:28  
Masters 3 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sarah Beadel (New Zealand) 1:08:59  
U15 women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Zia Macdermid (New Zealand) 0:42:04  
2 Jessica Manchester (New Zealand) 0:08:40