Ramírez adds Costa Rican national title to his collection

Another one for Rojas too

Local icon Federico "Lico" Ramírez (Grupo Orosi-Specialized) came from behind to win the fifth and final round of Costa Rica's "AMPM" XCO National Cup, which also served as the 2011's National Championship, while pre-race favorite Adriana Rojas didn't disappoint and added two trophies more to her personal collection.

Ramírez overcame an uncertain start and amazed the crowd with a dramatic last-kilometer demonstration. He performed a "kamikaze strategy" despite a technical final downhill seasoned with lots of mud and half-meter deep puddles.

Surprising indeed, since it was Marconi Durán (Citi-Economy-Blue) who easily took the lead ahead of Ramírez and GT-Italy's Paolo Montoya after the whistle sounded. Durán managed to maintain the leading position over four of the five laps of the 4.3-kilometers course that was designed in the trails that surround the campus of the Instituto Tecnológico University, in Cartago.

Durán actually crossed the line alone and solid with only one lap to go. "Lico" and Montoya seemed to be destined to struggle for the second place at almost one minute behind.

However, Ramírez speeded-up with a half of the course still to complete and not only left Montoya in the back but also reached Durán in the final descent.

"I just forgot about the dangerous conditions. I watched him (Durán) getting off the bike and hike on that muddy segment, so I decided to stay on mine and try to get him," said Ramírez.

"It was the same for all the prior laps, so I knew he wasn't strong enough to last for another hike like that. I managed to pass him and kicked hard to let him behind on the little climb to the finish".

Ramírez stopped the clock on a time of one hour, 53 minutes and 52 seconds, while Durán came in second at 1:08. Paolo Montoya filled out the podium.

This result not only gave Ramírez his fifth cross country national crown but also meant another National Cup title for the 35-year-old legend. He has won 10 National Cup editions, the last eight in a row, after 21 years of a prolific career.

In the women's event, it was another exhibition of supremacy for CR Specialized Team's Adriana Rojas who's not too far off "Lico" Ramírez's totals. She has achieved five Cup trophies and four National Championships in seven years of elite racing.

"I'm pretty happy about this new accomplishment. It always feels like the first time," said the current Costa Rican mountain bike queen. "I enjoyed this as if it would have been my first."

And the first it was for a cyclist who nobody mentioned in the betting posts. The U23 victory went to a quite unknown young talent recently signed by the Citi-Economy squad.

Eddie Ramírez defeated a few racers that were better known and scored a first place for the first time in his career. The Cup's title however went to Dennis Porras who finished fourth.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Federico Ramirez (Grupo Orosi Siglo Xxi) 1:38:47  
2 Marconi Duran (Citi Economy Blue) 0:01:08  
3 Paolo Montoya (Gt Stacpleastic) 0:04:34  
4 Deiber Esquivel (Coopenae Coronado Trek) 0:06:23  
5 Paulo Vargas (Coopenae Coronado Trek) 0:14:03  
6 Enrique Artavia (Citi Economy Blue) 0:16:11  
7 Jonathan Carballo (Citi Economy Blue) 0:21:15  
8 Alfredo Acosta (Cannondale Shimano) 0:22:53  
-1lap Ivan Amador (Rotor)    
-1lap Felix Araya (Team Montoya-Khs-Alaska)    
-2laps Mario Meneses (Garneau, Fuji Cafe Rey)    
-2laps Jimmy Perez (Puro Mtb)    
-2laps Jose Andres Rojas (Ciclo Paraiso)    
-3laps Jose Adrian Bonilla (Citi Economy Blue)    
-3laps Diego Leiton (Trek Highroller)    
-3laps Carlos Jimenez (La Florida Industrial)    
-3laps Greivin Alvarado (White Horse Cartago)    
-3laps Moises Hernandez (Grupo Orosi Siglo Xxi)    
DNF Manuel Prado (Sho Air Specialized)    
DNF Daniel Vega    
DNF Henry Raabe (Citi Economy Blue)    
DNS Jonathan Camacho (Arpo/Plc-Bikenology)    
DNS Alexander Sanchez (Specialized)    
Elite women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Adriana Rojas (Specialized) 1:53:52  
-1lap Yuliana Arroyo (C.D. San Jose)    
DNF Edith Guillen (Avimil)    
DNF Maria Alejandra Carvajal    
Under 23 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Eddie Ramirez (Citi Economy Blue) 1:32:17  
2 Yoseph Chavarria (Jps Giant) 0:01:37  
3 Juan Carlos Fallas (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 0:04:58  
4 Erick Soto (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 0:07:02  
5 Mainor Rojas (Team Montoya-Khs-Alaska) 0:08:35  
6 Denis Porras (Citi Economy Blue) 0:09:17  
7 Allan Morales (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 0:14:16  
8 Jeison Vega (Jps Giant) 0:19:21  
9 Jimmy Cedeño 0:22:05  
10 Xavier Ureña (Citi Economy Blue) 0:22:06  
-1lap Daniel Hernandez (Garneau, Fuji Cafe Rey)    
-1lap Harold Esquivel (Ferreteria Lucas Ciclo)    
-2laps Esteban Zumbado (Team Montoya-Khs-Alaska)    
-2laps Christian Ramirez (C.D. Cartago)    
-3laps Bryan Salas (C.D San Jose)    
-3laps Jeremmy Esquivel (C.D San Jose)    
-3laps David Arce (Citi Economy Blue)    
-3laps Luis Diego Artavia (C.D. Paraiso)    
DNF Marcos Fernandez (Alsara Technologies)    
DNF Horacio Cordoba (C.D. Santa Ana)    
DNF Jose Andrey Herrera (C.D. Santa Ana)    
DNS Fabian Bonilla (Tec)    
Junior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andrey Fonseca (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 1:00:32  
2 Pablo Arce (Citi Economy Blue) 0:02:47  
3 Andres Jesus Alpizar (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 0:03:32  
4 Romel Morales (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 0:05:51  
5 Luis Alfredo Camacho (Sky Trek Hotel Cipreses) 0:07:35  
6 Jose Manuel Lobo (Citi Economy Blue) 0:10:16  
7 Daniel Bonilla (Jps Giant) 0:12:32  
8 Thomas Bonilla (Citi Economy Blue)    
9 Jose Manuel Alvarado (C.D. Cartago) 0:13:18  
10 Justin Solano (Asociacion Belen) 0:13:19  
11 Yordy Sandoval (Ecc Santa Cruz) 0:14:22  
12 Arley Ureña (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade) 0:14:37  
13 Emilio Molina (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade)    
14 Kristopher Vega (Acir Ccdr San Ramon) 0:17:00  
15 Jose Alberto Alvarado (C.D. Cartago) 0:19:27  
16 Oscar Mario Sandi (C.D. Santa Ana) 0:26:07  
17 Esteban Nuñez (Asoc Ciclismo Barva) 0:27:28  
18 Abraham Hidalgo (C.D. Santa Ana) 0:43:46  
-2laps Daniel Hernandez (C.D San Jose)    
-2laps Luis Fernando Segura (C.D. Cartago)    
-2laps Jose Daniel Gamboa (C.D. Paraiso)    
-2laps Gabriel Marin (C.D. Cartago)    
-2laps Kevin Murillo (Jps Giant)    
-2laps Walter Calvo (Santa Ana)    
DNF Nathaniel Villanueva (Citi Economy Blue)    
DNF Richard Alberto Castro (Asoc. Ciclismo Poas)    
DNF Jhonny Redondo (Jps Giant)    
DNS Marco Solis (C.D San Jose)    
DNS Edson Rojas (Bcr Pizza Hut Powerade)    
DNS Jose Rolando Montiel (C.D San Jose)    
DNS Francisco Rodriguez (Citi Economy Blue)    
Junior women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Milagro Mena (Ciclo Guilly Merida) 1:02:19  
2 Gabriela Arias (Powerade Orbea) 0:08:07  
3 Fiorella Rojas (C.D. Cartago) 0:10:32  
4 Tatiana Acuña 0:19:02  
5 Natalia Rojas (C.D. Cartago) 0:33:13  
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