Werner takes men's Division I crown

Bahnson claims Division II title

The Division I men started the day's racing on a ground left solid by an overnight freeze and lower temperatures than earlier days of racing in the five-day USA Cycling Cyclocross Championships. The course hardly presented a challenge to the lead group of four riders, Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College), Skyler Trujillo and Eric Emsky (Fort Lewis College) plus Joshua Johnson (Marian University), as the quartet churned through their first lap in 8:27.

Emsky gained a slight edge after the second of their five laps, but Werner stepped on the gas on the third lap, finishing it in 7:56 to take the lead, leaving Trujillo and Emsky to work together to try to catch up. The two SkyHawks were unable to track him down as Werner secured the stars-and-stripes, 13 seconds ahead of silver medalist Trujillo and bronze medalist Emsky. Fellow SkyHawk Rotem Ishay finished fifth, just behind Johnson.

"Everybody was cheering really loud especially in the pit area," Werner said. "It was really motivational."

Overall, Marian University edged Fort Lewis College for the Division I team omnium title. After today's competition finished with a deadlock between the two powerhouse cycling schools, the best individual finish, Antonneau's win in Saturday's women's Division I race, gave Marian the tie-break win. Lees-McRae College finished in third just one point off the leaders.

In the men's Division II race, Jeffrey Bahnson (Green Mountain College), who finished third in Saturday's men's U23 race, quickly opened a strong margin, posting the fastest time on each of the first three laps. Closely pursuing him were Tanner Hurst (Cumberland University) and Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College), who were locked in a battle for second place.

After Hurst bested Jenkinson by 12 seconds on the third of the five-lap contest, Jenkinson returned the favor by 23 seconds on the fourth to help him secure the silver medal, 35 seconds behind Bahnson and 22 seconds ahead of Hurst.

"I got in front made a gap and stuck with it, stayed steady and tried to keep upright," Bahnson said.

On the strength of Mariske Strauss' (Mars Hill College) win in Saturday's race and two top-10 finishers in Sunday's men's race, Mars Hill College took the Division II team omnium. Cumberland College finished nine points ahead of the U.S. Military Academy to place second and third, respectively.

Full Results

Collegiate Men - Division I
1Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College)0:41:03 
2Skyler Trujillo (Fort Lewis College)0:00:13 
3Eric Emsky (Fort Lewis College)0:00:20 
4Joshua Johnson (Marian University)0:01:25 
5Rotem Ishay (Fort Lewis College)0:01:26 
6Dylan Stucki (Fort Lewis College)0:01:55 
7Ryan Dorsey (Fort Lewis College)0:02:29 
8Patrick Bradley (Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway)0:03:03 
9Bradford Perley (Lees-McRae College)0:03:17 
10Daniel Gerow (Marian University)0:03:56 
11Alder Martz (Marian University)  
12Weston Luzadder (Marian University)0:04:07 
13Nathan Larson (Lees-McRae College)0:04:12 
14Robbie Jones (Fort Lewis College)0:04:20 
15Taylor Ladd (Lindsey Wilson College)0:04:22 
16Ryan Cleveland (Fort Lewis College)0:04:26 
17Davis Bentley (Lees-McRae College)0:04:28 
18Joseph Maloney (University of Wisconsin-Madison)0:04:41 
19Brandon Feehery (Lindenwood University)0:04:56 
20Benjamin Coleman (University of Vermont)0:05:22 
21Alexander Martin (University of Wisconsin-Madison)0:05:57 
22Ben Stalker (Fort Lewis College)0:06:12 
23Logan Vonbokel (Colorado State University)0:06:45 
24Adam Prosise (Iowa State University)0:06:49 
25Matias Perret (University of Iowa)0:06:54 
26Ezra Mullen (Lees-McRae College)0:06:58 
27Neal Forbes (Marian University)0:07:03 
28Joseph Johnson (Utah Valley University)0:07:05 
29Pat Terry (Utah Valley University)0:07:09 
30Sam Dries (University of Wisconsin-Madison)0:07:47 
31Andrew Templeton (University of New Mexico)0:07:48 
32Joseph Welsh (Lees-McRae College)0:08:21 
33Sean Leader (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)0:08:42 
34Kevin Severs (Iowa State University)0:08:55 
35Ashton Wischmeier (Indiana University-Bloomington)0:08:58 
36Dylan Knutson (Lees-McRae College)0:09:01 
37Will Meger (Marian University)0:09:46 
38Adam Kaye (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)0:11:03 
39David Yohe (Marian University)  -1lap 
40Zachary Dorsey (Lindsey Wilson College)  
41Jesse Leonard (Iowa State University)  
42James Brown (Lindsey Wilson College)  
43Reed Bagley (Lindsey Wilson College)  
44Marshall Greene (University of Wisconsin-Madison)  
DNFJohnathan Freter (Lindsey Wilson College)  
DNFZeb King (Appalachian State University)  
Collegiate Men - Division II
1Jeffrey Bahnson (Green Mountain College)0:44:48 
2Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill College)0:00:35 
3Tanner Hurst (Cumberland University)0:00:57 
4Zachary Semian (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)0:02:02 
5Adam Miller (Colorado College)0:02:46 
6Andrew Lysaght (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)0:03:15 
7Austin Jones (Wake Forest University)0:03:44 
8Corey Davis (Mars Hill College)  
9Cimarron Wortham (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)0:04:20 
10Christopher Mondiek (Rochester Institute of Technology)0:04:27 
11Cole Sprague (Reed College)0:04:32 
12Devin Wagner (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)0:04:54 
13Brian Morra (University of Idaho)0:05:01 
14Britton Kinnard (Cumberland University)0:06:20 
15Buckley Birkholz (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)0:06:26 
16Thomas Anderson (University of Idaho)0:07:28 
17Peter Hagerty (Rochester Institute of Technology)0:07:37 
18Chris Carraway (Georgetown University)0:08:13 
19Joseph Near (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)0:08:26 
20Gregory Grosicki (Wake Forest University)0:09:13 
21Benjamin Senkerik (Ripon College)0:09:43 
22Brae Patten (Western State College of Colorado)0:10:05 
23James Mccabe (Wake Forest University)0:10:07 
24Logan Luker (Cumberland University)0:10:26 
25Michael Robinson (Mars Hill College)0:11:33 
26Aaron Casey (East Tennessee State University)0:12:10 
27Jesse Pisel (Western State College of Colorado)  -1lap 
28Nick Garcia (US Military Academy)  
29Matthew Warbrick (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)  
30Kevin Rutherford (US Military Academy)  
31Steven Rusnak (US Military Academy)  
32Stephen Rogacki (US Military Academy)  
33Nathan Yadon (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)  
34Gregory Keith (US Military Academy)  
35Patrick Bastianelli (US Military Academy)  
36Zachary Labry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  
37Lance Charlton (US Military Academy)  
38Thomas Devane (US Military Academy)  
DNSAnsel Schimpff (Western State College of Colorado)  
Division I - Final Omnium Standings
1Marian University167pts
2Fort Lewis College167 
3Lees-McRae College166 
4Lindsey Wilson College113 
5University of Wisconsin-Madison113 
6University of Tennessee-Knoxville66 
7Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway56 
8Virginia Commonwealth University56 
9Iowa State University43 
10Utah Valley University38 
11Lindenwood University34 
12University Of Vermont31 
13Colorado State University29 
14University of Iowa27 
15University of New Mexico25 
16Indiana University-Bloomington21 
17University of Michigan-Ann Arbor19 
18Appalachian State University  
Division II - Final Omnium Standings
1Mars Hill College188pts
2Cumberland University117 
3US Military Academy108 
4University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire78 
5Georgetown University77 
6University of Denver73 
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology73 
8Green Mountain College64 
9University of Tennessee-Chattanooga64 
10Western State College of Colorado61 
11Wake Forest University56 
12Rochester Institute of Technology49 
13Kutztown University of Pennsylvania43 
14University of Chicago43 
15University of Idaho38 
16Colorado College34 
17Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute31 
18Reed College27 
19Ripon College19 
20East Tennessee State University17 
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