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African Continental Championships 2010

Date range:
November 10-14, 2010

November 14, Elite/U23 Men road race: 144km

Teklehaimanot wins elite title for Eritrea

Pierre Carrey
November 14, 2010, 16:13 GMT,
November 18, 2010, 14:12 GMT

Teklehaimanot also claims U23 title

Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eritrea) is an iconic champion everywhere in Africa.

Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eritrea) is an iconic champion everywhere in Africa.

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Rising Eritrean star Daniel Teklehaimanot completed a hat-trick at the 2010 African Continental Championships with victory in the road race in Kigali, Rwanda. Together with the individual and team time trials, he has now won three races - and five African Champion’s jerseys, including the U23 titles. Last but not least, he secured Eritrea's qualification for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. His country dominated the road race with Meron Russom finishing second, and five riders finishing in the top 10.

Two baroudeurs undertook a 55km breakaway early on: Algerian Abdelmalek Madani and local young talent Gasore Hategeka, who was forced to give his bike to his leader Adrian Niyonshuti when he broke his chain with four laps to go. The Rwandan team pleased the massive crowd on the streets of the capital through their attacking riding, but Niyonshuti was ultimately disappointed to finish eight.

The 144km race, perfect for climbers and puncheurs, exploded at the 106km mark when a 12-rider group went clear containing five Eritreans (Daniel Teklehaimanot, Meron Russom, Araya Medhin Dawit Haile, Tesfai Teklit, Teweldemedhin Natnel Berhane) and the main favourites: Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg (South Africa), Dan Craven (Namibia), Adil Jelloul (Morocco), Adrien Nyonshuti (Rwanda), Estifanos Gebresilassie and Sollomon Bittew Shiferaw (Ethiopia) and Azzedine Lagab (Algeria).

With one lap to go, Teklehaimanot launched an attack and opened up an advantage that reached 28 seconds by the finish. “I told the other riders, ‘You can't let him go’ but we all were tired and there were so many Eritrean riders in the group that I decided myself to focus on second place in order to qualify for the Olympics,” Craven said.

The 2009 African Continental Champion finished third in the race, beaten in the sprint by a Teklehaimanot's team-mate, Russom, who continued his improvement in the event. He finished 11th in 2007 and 4th in 2008, although he didn't start last year as his national tour took place at the same time as the Continental Championships.

Teklehaimanot received an intense ovation from the public. “I waited until the last part of the race to go in front, because some nations like Morocco or South Africa were watching me closely,” he said. “This win makes me very happy and I'm proud to help my country qualify for the Olympics.”

Because of a misunderstanding, Teklehaimanot went to Beijing in 2008 but ultimately didn’t ride as Erythrea was not allowed to participate. His success in the 2010 African Continental Championships underlines he's one of the top athletes on the continent. Despite six crashes at the end of the season, he finished in 46th at the Châteauroux Classic de l'Indre as a stagiaire for Cervélo Test Team.

The 22-year-old Teklehaimanot is still looking for a professional contract next year. His last race of the season will be the Tour of Rwanda, a UCI 2.2 event, from November 17-25.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri) 3:54:06  
2 Meron Russom (Eri) 0:00:28  
3 Dan Craven (Nam)    
4 Adil Jelloul (Mar) 0:01:14  
5 Araya Medhin Dawit Haile (Eri)    
6 Azzedine Lagab (Alg) 0:01:31  
7 Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg (RSA)    
8 Adrien Niyonshuti (Rwa)    
9 Teweldemedhin Natnael Berhane (Eri)    
10 Abdelati Saadoune (Mar)    
11 Tesfai Teklit (Eri) 0:01:55  
12 Paul Agorir (Ken) 0:01:59  
13 Hichem Chabane (Alg) 0:02:57  
14 Estifanos Gebresilassie (Eth)    
15 Gabriel Combrinck (RSA) 0:03:33  
16 Sollomon Bittew Shiferaw (Eth)    
17 Issiaka Fofana (CIv) 0:08:09  
18 Fathi Ahmed Atunsi (Lba)    
19 Frekalsi Debesai (Eri)    
20 Gasore Hategeka (Rwa)    
21 Nathan Byukusenge (Rwa) 0:14:45  
22 Emmanuel Rudahunga (Rwa)    
23 Suliman Kangangi (Ken)    
24 Issiaka Cisse (CIv)    
25 Goton Mebrahtu Biru (Eth) 0:14:49  
26 Abderahmane Bourraza (Alg) 0:16:52  
27 Innocent Uwamungu (Rwa)    
28 David Matovu (Uga)    
29 Songezo Jim (RSA)    
30 Raoul Herve Mbah (Cmr)    
31 Noufou Minougou (Bur)    
32 Obed Ruvogera (Rwa)    
33 Med Said El Ammoury (Mar) 0:18:37  
34 Ahmed Youssef Belgasem (Lba)    
35 Peter Loriko (Ken)    
36 Amr Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed (Egy)    
37 Dieunedort Simo Sando (Cmr) 0:21:37  
DNS Bassirou Konte (CIv)    
DNS Robert Fotsing Dassie (Cmr)    
DNF Jasson Bakke (RSA)    
DNF Luthando Kaka (RSA)    
DNF Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (RSA)    
DNF Nicodem Habiyambere (Rwa)    
DNF Jean De Dieu Uwimana (Rwa)    
DNF Abdelbasset Hanachi (Alg)    
DNF Abdelmalek Madani (Alg)    
DNF Youcef Reguigui (Alg)    
DNF Bilel Saada (Alg)    
DNF Redouane Chabane (Alg)    
DNF Rasmané Ouedraogo (Bur)    
DNF Abdul Aziz Nikiema (Bur)    
DNF Etienne Tarbagdo (Bur)    
DNF Oumarou Minougou (Bur)    
DNF Bolotigui Ouattara (CIv)    
DNF Ben Zakaria Fofana (CIv)    
DNF Mamadou Coulibaly (CIv)    
DNF Ibrahim James Yousef (Egy)    
DNF Mohamed Saad Abou Hegazy (Egy)    
DNF Eddin Asran Osamahussam (Egy)    
DNF Ali Al-Sayed Ali Abdullah (Egy)    
DNF Mahmoud Mohamed Alaa Eddin (Egy)    
DNF Msgena Kindeya (Eth)    
DNF Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay (Eth)    
DNF Yirga Woldemaria Kinfe (Eth)    
DNF Samuel Anim (Gha)    
DNF Henry Tetteh Djangmah (Gha)    
DNF Aminu Mohammed (Gha)    
DNF Nuru Alhassan Pardie (Gha)    
DNF Yannick Lincoln (Mri)    
DNF John Njoroge (Ken)    
DNF Kipchumba Benjamin Kogo (Ken)    
DNF Samuel Mwangi (Ken)    
DNF Ahmed Mohamed Abdalla (Lba)    
DNF Faysal Alsharaa (Lba)    
DNF Amin Abdelrazag Alkilani (Lba)    
DNF Mohamed Ali Almabruk (Lba)    
DNF Lotto Petrus (Nam)    
DNF Victor Krohne (Nam)    
DNF Ingram Cuff (Nam)    
DNF George William Kisenyi (Uga)    
DNF Robert Kiwendo (Uga)    
DNF Brigt Sam Muwonge (Uga)    
DNF Sebastian Kigongo Semakula (Uga)    
DNF Edward Bukenya (Uga)    
DNF Muzamir Wavamuno (Uga)    
DNF Francis Louis (Sey)    
DNF Andy Rose (Sey)    
DNF Edward Pothin (Sey)    
DNF Chris Germain (Sey)    
DNF James Bristol (Sey)    
DNF Simon Brierley (Sey)    
DNF Obert Chembe (Zam)    
DNF Trust Munangandu (Zam)    
DNF David Martin (Zim)    
DNF Bright Chipongo (Zim)    
DNF Glenn Morgan (Zim)    
DNF Mouhssine Lahsaini (Mar)    
DNF Tarik Chaoufi (Mar)    
DNF Adnane Arbia (Mar)    
DNF Martinien Tega (Cmr)    
DNF Sah Noel Tanessop (Cmr)    
DNF Robert Tawedi Modi (Cmr)    
DNF Jean Marie Nshimirimana (Bdi)    
DNF Jean Marie Ndayikengurukiye (Bdi)    
DNF Juvenal Nduwimana (Bdi)    
DNF Ladislas Ncamugwanko (Bdi)    
Under 23 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri) 3:54:06  
2 Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg (RSA) 0:01:31  
3 Teweldemed Natnael Berhane (Eri)    
4 Tesfai Teklit (Eri) 0:01:55  
5 Hichem Chabane (Alg) 0:02:57  
6 Estifanos Gebresilassie (Eth)    
7 Emmanuel Rudahunga (Rwa) 0:14:45  
8 Suliman Kangangi (Ken)    
9 Issiaka Cisse (CIv)    
10 Innocent Uwamungu (Rwa) 0:16:52  
11 Songezo Jim (RSA)    
12 Raoul Herve Mbah (Cmr)    
13 Noufou Minougou (Bur)