World Championships: Final four kilometers of men's road race - Video

Watch the missing footage from the live broadcast

Inside the final five kilometres of the men's road race at the World Championships in Bergen, the images of thrilling finale suddenly disappeared during the live broadcast. While attacks were coming thick and fast with riders giving it their all in a bid for rainbows, but there was live TV coverage of their efforts.

While live TV coverage resumed in the closing kilometre to ensure viewers could watch Peter Sagan (Slovakia) beat home Alexander Kristoff (Norway) and Michael Matthews (Australia) for the gold medal, there was a degree of mystery as to how the riders arrived in the finale.

Post-race, popular race Twitter account Cycling Hub posted footage shot from a helicopter of the final four kilometers from the road race, providing insight into how Sagan stayed tucked in and safe in the peloton before launching his winning move. 

You can watch the footage below Cycling Hub's tweet.

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