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Women's Olympic road race allocations taking shape

Cycling News
May 31, 2012, 4:41 BST,
May 31, 2012, 5:45 BST
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, May 31, 2012
2012 Olympic Games
Nicole Cooke (Faren Honda) works hard on the climb

Nicole Cooke (Faren Honda) works hard on the climb

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Stevens a virtual lock for USA's London Olympics team

With no more women's races before the May 31 deadline to qualify nations for their Olympic Games spots, the UCI's nations rankings published yesterday are a good indication of which countries will send how many riders to London in July.

The top five nations in the women's rankings as of May 29 are The Netherlands, Germany, the United States of America, Italy and Great Britain. The top five countries will send four women for the road race. The men's road race and individual time trial places have already been awarded. Time trial athletes must take part in the road race as part of the assigned allocation.

The latest rankings also factor into the USA team selection. After winning La Flèche Wallonne and sitting seventh in the overall individual rankings, Evelyn Stevens is almost assured to be included in the USA team for London. The selection criteria include a World Cup win as a part of the selection criteria, but for only one athlete.

Sprinter Shelley Olds won a World Cup as well, the Tour of Chongming Island, but the USA Cycling selection procedure states that if more than one rider wins a World Cup, the highest ranked rider in the World Cup first, or UCI rankings next will determine who is given the nod.

Since Olds and Stevens are each at 75 points in the World Cup rankings, Stevens' seventh in the UCI rankings trumps Olds' 30th place.

The countries ranked sixth through 13th will be awarded three places, which should go to Sweden, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Canada, France, Brazil and South Africa.

Some countries with two slots, those ranked 14th-23rd will have one position removed if all of the countries with riders in the top 100 individual rankings don't already have an allocation by virtue of their position in the nations rankings.

Since there are 10 nations that meet the above criteria, all 10 of the countries ranked 14th through 23rd will have one position: Lithuania, New Zealand, Venezuela, Cuba, Luxembourg, Ukraine, China, El Salvador, Belarus and Norway.

Mexico, Thailand, Finland, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Poland, Korea and Slovenia should be also added to the roster with one position each.

To fill out the 67-woman start list, Asian, African and American continental champions award positions for countries not already given a quota (Hong Kong, Mauritius and Chile, respectively).

Olympic women's road race qualifications per nation, estimated

# Country Quota
1 Netherlands 4  
2 Germany 4  
3 United States Of America 4  
4 Italy 4  
5 Great Britain 4  
6 Sweden 3  
7 Australia 3  
8 Russian Federation 3  
9 Belgium 3  
10 Canada 3  
11 France 3  
12 Brazil 3  
13 South Africa 3  
14 Lithuania 1  
15 New Zealand 1  
16 Venezuela 1  
17 Cuba 1  
18 Luxembourg 1  
19 Ukraine 1  
20 People's Republic of China 1  
21 El Salvador 1  
22 Belarus 1  
23 Norway 1  
24 Mexico 1  
25 Thailand 1  
26 Korea 1  
27 Finland 1  
28 Chinese Taipei 1  
29 Poland 1  
30 Estonia 1  
31 Japan 1  
32 Switzerland    
33 Azerbaijan 1  
34 Slovenia 1  
35 Mauritius 1  
36 Hong Kong, China 1  
37 Colombia    
38 Czech Republic    
39 Greece    
40 Mongolia    
41 Ireland    
42 Zimbabwe    
43 Portugal    
44 Israel    
45 Turkey    
46 Spain    
47 Austria    
48 Denmark    
49 Malaysia    
50 Romania    
51 Serbia    
52 Croatia    
53 Belize    
54 Eritrea    
55 Vietnam    
56 Hungary    
57 Guyana    
58 Netherlands Antilles    
59 Morocco    
60 Kazakhstan    
61 Chile    
62 Argentina    
63 Antigua and Barbuda    
64 Ivory Coast    
65 Namibia    
66 Latvia    
67 Egypt    

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