Transition, an American cyclocross documentary, now on DVD

Transition: An America Cyco-Cross Season , the highly anticipated movie by Sam Smith at Blunt Trauma...

Transition: An America Cyco-Cross Season, the highly anticipated movie by Sam Smith at Blunt Trauma Productions is now available. Filmed from New Gloucester, Maine to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon, Transition covers all the major races of the 2004 season including all the U.S. Gran Prix rounds and the 2004 U.S. Cyclo-Cross National Championships.

Transition contains gritty, mud-soaked race action set to cutting-edge music, as well as - sometimes insightful, sometimes outrageous - commentary by today's top pro men of cross including Ryan Trebon, Geoff Kabush, Barry Wicks, Mark Gullickson, Mark McCormack, Adam Craig, Ben Jacques-Maynes, Ben Turner, and Carl Decker.

From one road or mountain bike season to the next, from riding to running, from one course surface to another – be it grass, pavement, mud or sand, from the hot early autumn to the freezing and treacherous mid winter, viewers are taken through every experience in American ‘cross racing. The viewer also follows the season of Adam Hodges Myerson who reluctantly makes the transition from high level pro to simply a race participant doing it for fun, as other things start taking priority in his life.

The DVD version of Transition contains race footage, interviews, and an extremely interesting DVD menu. For more information or to purchase the DVD, go to

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