Tankink not home for UCI doping controllers

UCI acknowledges its error

UCI doping controllers arrived at Bram Tankink's home in Lanaken, Belgium, last week to carry out a random test, only to find the Rabobank rider absent. Tankink was, at the time, riding in the Tour of Austria, a fact which had been acknowledged on his whereabouts form.

Filling in the whereabouts form "creates a lot of stress," said the Dutchman on his personal website. “I try to be as correct as possible, since errors can have serious consequences.”

The UCI acknowledged its mistake, and admitted that Tankink had notified them of his presence in Austria. The UCI also acknowledged that there would be no consequence for Tankink as a result of the incident.

"Three serious errors means I would be suspended," Tankink said. "But this is now the third mistake they have made with my whereabouts."

"Why do I fill it in? I am furious and that is putting it mildly. I recommend two years suspension for them!"


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