Swiss open proceedings against Jan Ullrich

Retired German star faces lifelong ban

Jan Ullrich will finally have to face disciplinary proceedings in Switzerland for his part in Operación Puerto, three years after the news of his involvement broke.  He faces a lifelong ban if found guilty.

The retired German star has lived in Switzerland for a number of years and rode under a Swiss licence.

An investigation into Ullrich's involvement in Operación Puerto was carried out by Swiss Olympic, the organisation responsible for handling doping cases in Switzerland.

Bernhard Welten, the man who led the Swiss Olympic investigation confirmed to Cyclingnews that ”I have turned in the recommendation.”

The president of the Swiss Disciplinary Committee, Gerard Walter, confirmed to the Süddeutsche Zeitung that a recommendation for disciplinary action had been made and that proceedings against Ullrich has been opened. ”[Swiss Olympic] are convinced that an offence has occurred, so we are having this proceeding,” he said.

Ullrich said on his homepage,, that he was unperturbed by the action. ”In the meantime I have build up a necessary detachment and am confident that I will soon be able to cross off the last three years. I will continue to fight for this goal and face this newest challenge.”

The 35-year-old, who retired in 2007, added that ”Although haven't taken part in professional cycling since [2007], this news comes out exactly during the Tour de France – that is more than an incredible 'coincidence'.”

His wife, Sara Ullrich, told Cyclingnews, "There is nothing more for him to say."


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