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Sevilla, Mancebo and Vicioso linked to Relax

Antonio J. Salmerón
November 23, 2007, 0:00 GMT,
April 20, 2009, 22:52 BST
First Edition Cycling News for November 23, 2007

By Antonio J. Salmerón "We are finalizing negotiations with our sponsors [Relax, GAM, Fuenlabrada...

By Antonio J. Salmerón

"We are finalizing negotiations with our sponsors [Relax, GAM, Fuenlabrada and], and that is the reason why our riders have not yet signed, but we think that it should be carried out in the following days", David Plaza assured Cyclingnews on Thursday evening.

The team's manager will count on Francisco Mancebo, Oscar Sevilla and Ángel Vicioso for the next season, "unless they have decided otherwise in the last few hours, because they are our main strongholds, in addition to our young promising climber Daniel Moreno".

The Relax-GAM will has already signed ex-Liberty Seguros rider Carlos Abellán as well as under 23 talents Raúl Santamarta and Andrés Santuria. They will join Jorge García, Oscar García and Raúl García, for the 2008 season according to Plaza.

"We are looking at signing one more rider such as Vallejo, but first we have to find out if we will have more than sixteen riders" he explained.

The Spanish Pro-continental squad will debut in 2008 at the Vuelta a Argentina, in January, "where Mancebo finished third in 2007". Their racing calendar centres around the Spanish racing calendar but will also include races on the Portuguese, French and South-American calendar. There main goal is to "return to race the Vuelta".

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