Report: Armstrong and Tygart met to discuss reduced sanction

Neither Tygart nor Armstrong will confirm NY Times report

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Lance Armstrong met recently with US Anti-doping Agency head Travis Tygart to discuss the possibility of reducing his lifetime ban.

The newspaper reported that Armstrong and Tygart met for the first time in more than two years last week near Denver International Airport. Tygart would not confirm the meeting, and Armstrong's lawyer was not available for comment when the Times attempted to contact him. But the newspaper reported that Armstrong has confided with "close friends" that the meeting took place.

Former Armstrong teammate Scott Mercier, who is friends with both Armstrong and Tygart, arranged the meeting, according to the report.

Although he would not confirm that such a meeting took place, Tygart did tell the Times that USADA's position had not changed.

"From the very beginning, our hope has always been that he would come in, sit down and have a full discussion," Tygart told the newspaper, but he added that it was premature to talk about any kind of reduced sanction.

Tygart also told the newspaper that "the ultimate objective now is to get in a beneficial spot — for both anti-doping and for Lance himself."

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