Raisin Hope Ride seeks participants

September ride to benefit brain injury-related foundation

The Raisin Hope Foundation is hosting its third annual Raisin Hope benefit ride in Georgia on Saturday, September 5, and it's looking for more participants.

"If more people do not sign up for the Raisin Hope ride, we will have to cancel. As of now only 15 people are signed up," said a disappointed Rasin on the foundation's website where he is recruiting riders for the event.

The ride benefits the foundation, which was started by former professional Saul Raisin and raises funds to support brain injury research, connect individuals and families affected by brain injury and promote public awareness and understanding of disabilities resulting from brain injury.

Raisin crashed in a race on April 4, 2006. He endured a coma, substantial bodily damage, and a traumatic brain injury, but overcame odds to survive and recover, although he was unable to return to professional racing.

The ride begins at 8:00 am and starts at Prater's Mill in Dalton, Georgia.

For more information, visit http://raisinhope.ning.com.

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