Phinney out of U23 Flanders, returns home

American struck by tendonitis after crash in Europe

Taylor Phinney has been ruled out of today’s U23 Tour of Flanders with suspected tendonitis and has returned home to the USA.

The Trek-Livestrong rider crashed during the opening time trial at last week’s Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux, while riding with the USA team. Despite winning a stage later in the race, his knee became more of a problem once the race was over.

Phinney was scheduled to take part in a series of U23 races this spring before returning the US for the Tour of Gila. He’ll now seek treatment for his knee at home, taking up to a week off the bike.

“I crashed last weekend in the time trial but carried on racing as it felt ok. But on Tuesday I got three hours into my ride and I couldn’t pedal with my right knee anymore,” Phinney told Cyclingnews.

Phinney had his knee assessed by a number of medical staff in Belgium, including the BMC team doctors and talked to his parents before reaching the decision to return home.

“It’s painful and uncomfortable to ride with and I don’t want to make things worse this early in the season,” he said. “I would rather go home and deal with doctors that I’m used to. I’m bummed to be missing these next three races as they’re ones I can win. But that’s how this sport goes, you can’t always control what happens.”

Phinney’s next race will be the Tour of Gila at he end of April, where it’s rumoured that Lance Armstrong, Dave Zabriskie and Tom Danielson will also ride.

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