Mulally and Bourque lead Gravity East Series

Plattekill hosting final round this weekend, October 9-11

As racers prepare to battle the trails at New York's Plattekill Mountain for double points and season championships at this weekend's Gravity East Finals on October 9-11, it's useful to not only look at the who's on top of the chart, but also how they got there.

When the chairlift was turned on at Massanutten, Virginia, back in the beginning of May, few realized the impact the sophomore year of Gravity East would have. Since then, 94 men and women have scored points in the pro downhill classes alone. A total of 1,620 entries (up 32 percent from last year, with one race still remaining) have pulled to the start of at least one Gravity East race this year in both pro and amateur categories. The best of the best, however, have been Dawn Bourque, Karen Eagan and, of course, Neko Mulally.

After her win at last week's race at Mount Snow, Eagan has a commanding lead in the women's dual slalom standings. With only a 10th place finish needed for Eagan to clinch, the season title could be decided in qualifying.

On the downhill side of the women's standings, Bourque missed the first three races of the season before going on a five-race win streak, eventually finishing with six wins and a second place out of seven races. Bourque needs only a fifth place finish to clinch the Gravity East trophy, but first she needs to show up and survive a run on the treacherous trails of the mountain nicknamed "Splattekill". Eagan is waiting in the wings. The likely dual slalom champ has shown she's capable of winning the championships in both disciplines when she beat Bourque, and everybody else, in the downhill at Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania, two weeks ago.

The star of this Gravity East season, though, is unquestionably Neko Mulally. With 300 points in the dual slalom championship, compared to just 133 for second-place Kyle Sanger, the only way Mulally can lose the championship is if his competitors can keep him off the property, since Gravity East rules require attendance at the finals in order to be declared season champion.

Sanger may have some help from the downhillers in setting-up a blockade to keep Mulally out. Though currently sitting in third place in the downhill standings behind Jason Memmelaar and Alejandro Ortiz, Mulally has the virtual lead in the standings because of dropped races and only needs a 23rd place or better to clinch both Gravity East Divisions.

When taking into account dropped races, Ben Hulse and Zach Faulkner move up from sixth and seventh, respectively, in the official standings to third and fourth respectively. Hulse, however, hasn't shown up for the last three races. Will he attend Plattekill and try to take home a share of the US$5,000 season's point money being awarded?

Of course, Gravity East is more than just pros. A total of 23 amateur class championships in both downhill and dual slalom will also be awarded. And, like the pros, attendance at the finals is a requirement to win the championship.

Plattekill first opened for riding in 1995, when Missy Giove was still World Champion and Neko Mulally was wearing diapers. Since then, Plattekill has been host to tens of thousands of visitors and countless races.

Plattekill's Marketing Advisor George Ulmer described the downhill course as "loose and steep," and said racers can expect "a lot of shale and drops with good flow on natural terrain".

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Complete standings are below.


Downhill - Elite men's standings after 10 of 11 rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Memmelaar6175 pts
2Alejandro Ortiz6155 
3Neko Mulally5815 
4Jeff Cayley5765 
5Erik Gosselin5598 
6Ben Hulse5197 
7Zach Faulkner5103 
8Ben Moody4820 
9Chris Higgerson3799 
10Gavin Vaughan3793 
11Bj Treglia3556 
12Conor Rowan3550 
13Tim Howland3008 
14Luke Snyder3000 
15Jason Beckley2914 
16Justin Gregory2889 
17Marvin Scanland2810 
18David Haas2792 
19Geritt Beytagh2352 
20David Flynn2208 
21Geoffrey Ulmer2193 
22Kyle Sanger2174 
23Tyler Wilson2154 
24Patrick Noonan2148 
25Brian Yannuzzi2107 
26Dan Whitehead2101 
27Andrew Bressem2033 
28Jergen Beneke1650 
29Chris Heath1605 
30Sean Mcclendon1600 
31Adam Morse1560 
32Trevyn Newpher1515 
33Dan Sim1501 
34Jonthan Gaber1500 
35Ethan Quehl1495 
36Lars Tribus1483 
37Dan Ferreira1471 
38Tim Price1455 
39Michael Thomas1441 
40Christopher Talotta1432 
41Kevin Green1416 
42Bert Boyce1408 
43Josh Misevcis1398 
44Avery Busch1392 
45Tom Bubier1385 
46Willem Cooper1381 
47Matty Komar1377 
48Justin Beers1361 
49Tim White1359 
50Paul Adams1358 
51Beniot Mioux815 
52Shaums March795 
53Szymon Kowalski780 
54George Ryan780 
55Heikki Hall765 
56Trevor Hallenbeck750 
57Yann Gauvin730 
58James Rennie726 
59Logan Binggeli726 
60John-Ryan Quick722 
61Pete Fougere722 
62Steve Avery722 
63Naish Ulmer722 
64John Leslie714 
65James Pattertson714 
66Jenny Jade710 
67Billy Melone710 
68Sam Mellen710 
69Chris Scannell702 
70Vincent Paliseno698 
71Daniel Hultgen698 
72Jon Gabon694 
73Paul Mcneil694 
74Vincent Tremblay694 
75James Jeannet687 
76Dave Trumpure681 
77Ken Walter678 
78Bryan Willis678 
79Brian Piper675 
80Sam Adams673 
81Taylor Rowlands669 
82Tom Kakamousias665 
Downhill - Elite women's standings after 10 of 11 rounds
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dawn Bourque5945 pts
2Karen Eagan5745 
3Stephanie Gubernat5620 
4Hillary Elgert3225 
5Alexis Wruble2370 
6Gandolf Rae2038 
7Allegra Burch1635 
8Lauren Petersen1590 
9Alexandra Lacroix795 
9Jennifer Wolf780 
9Ellen Adams765 
10Alicia Jakomait750 
Dual Slalom - Elite men's standings with one round remaining
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neko Mullaly300 pts
2Allejandro Ortiz155 
3Kyle Sangers133 
4Brian Piper113 
5Kyle Ebbett105 
6Jason Beckley100 
7James Patterson95 
8Lars Tribus90 
9Zack Faulkner70 
10Tim While55 
11Jason Memmelaar50 
12Avery Buch50 
13Geritt Beytagh50 
14Steve Avery45 
15Benjamin Hulse45 
17Trevyn Newpher40 
18John Gabor35 
19Tyler Wilson35 
20Harold Woolnough35 
21Bj Treglia30 
22David Flynn30 
23Matty Komar30 
24Erik Gosselin28 
25Tom Oakes26 
26Heikki Hall26 
27Jay Dejesus24 
Dual Slalom - Elite women's standings with one round remaining
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karen Eagan280 pts
2Kate Parhiala210 
3Lauren Daney120 
4Dawn Bourque120 
5Hillary Elgert55 
6Hannah Trimble45 

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