LA-MSS team doctor gets 10-year suspension

2008 doping investigation concluded, four riders also banned

The Spanish doctor of former Portuguese Continental team LA-MSS, Marcos Maynar, has been suspended for ten years for doping practices, the Portuguese cycling federation announced on Wednesday. Maynar had already been excluded from competition in 2008, and is now banned for having "prescribed or given forbidden and masking substances to certain cyclists of the LA-MSS squad during the 2008 season."

In May 2008, police found doping products as well as equipment to conduct blood transfusions in the squad's headquarters. In June 2008, the Portuguese federation suspended five riders and four team staff temporarily pending the outcome of the investigation.

This week, the federation also announced it gave four riders – Pedro Cardoso, Alfonso Azevedo, Rogério Batista and Claudio Faria – suspensions spanning from one year and two months up to two years. Former sports director Manuel Zeferino received a fine of €2,800.

Luis Fernando d'Almeida, the team's president, as well as another rider, Tiago Silva, were meanwhile cleared of any suspicion.

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