Jelajah Malaysia aims to be the best

Organizers of the Jelajah Malaysia , which is categorized as a 2.2 UCI race, said they are close to...

Organizers of the Jelajah Malaysia, which is categorized as a 2.2 UCI race, said they are close to achieving their goal of being the best race in its category.

"First we have to wait for Jelajah Malaysia's post mortem from all side including the media," said Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz, the race's Executive Chairman and owner of Ten Speed Events Sdn Bhd. "What I can say is JM is already half way approaching its target to be best 2.2 race."

"There are quite a number of them who confuse Jelajah Malaysia with Le Tour de Langkawi. We are not in any way competing with any parties, The Jelajah Malaysia's target is only to be the best 2.2 race not only in Asia but all over the world," said Aziz.

Ten Speed Events Sdn Bhd which is organizing JM for the second year had signed a contract with Malaysia National Cycling Federation (PKBM) to organize the oldest cycling event in Malaysia for three consecutive editions.

Aziz added that feedback and participation of teams have proven that a lot of teams have heard of the race and have been looking forward to participate in the race. "It's a common knowledge that 39 teams wanted to participate this time around but we had to limit to only 21 teams to ensure the quality of the teams and balance local and international teams participation," he said.

Aziz has been satisfied with the crowds attending en route and at the starts and finishes for this year's race.

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