Jaksche: "Only the dumb ones get caught"

In an interview with the German news outlet WELT online , German Jörg Jaksche spoke out candidly...

In an interview with the German news outlet WELT online, German Jörg Jaksche spoke out candidly again. The rider, who admitted to doping earlier this year, got suspended for one year. His shorter than usual punishment was due to his willingness to offer some detail on doping in professional cycling.

In the interview Jaksche emphasized that "I come from the generation of dopers. I was pulled into it young, and was a part of the system and see myself today as both a culprit and a victim in equal measure." But the German offered a glimmer of hope. "You can't just go in there and ban all riders of this generation. We have to be more honest and say, ok, it was that way earlier -- now it is different!"

Jaksche made clear that "I have never been offered anything [doping products] by another cyclist. We share our experiences, sure, but that someone was a dealer? No! Although one did offer to give me something one time. I have ridden in teams in which doping was systematically organized."

He also denied that all the "loopholes" have been closed, and that the testing now can catch anything. "There are still lots of possibilities to cheat, without anybody proving it. Transfusion with your own blood, growth hormones, artificial haemoglobin. Right now you have to say: Only the dumb ones get caught. Or the poor ones, who can't afford the expensive doping."

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