Inquiry into Welsh tragedy

There will be an inquiry into the accident that killed four cyclists on the A547 in Wales on Sunday...

There will be an inquiry into the accident that killed four cyclists on the A547 in Wales on Sunday morning, after a driver lost control of his car on an icy bend and ploughed into a group of 12 riders. Although seven of the remaining eight riders have been released from hospital (Jon Harland remains in hospital with a broken leg), the deaths of Maurice Broadbent (61), Dave Horrocks (55), Wayne Wilkes (42) and Thomas Harland (14) have hit the local cycling community hard.

Police said that there had been a minor accident at the same place an hour before the tragedy happened, and had asked Conwy Council to re-grit the road. In a statement, the Council admitted that the road needed attention. "The stretch of road in question is on a priority list that has been identified as meriting treatment at times of inclement weather. It was gritted at approximately 6:20 on Saturday evening and had been the subject of similar treatment on the three days prior to Saturday."

The Council said that it will cooperate fully with police and "have examined and will continue to examine the processes and procedures that we as a highway authority adopt."

Several other officials have been quoted as questioning the condition of the road prior to the accident.

Remembrance ride planned

Club cyclists are being encouraged to show their respect this Sunday for the four riders from Rhyl Cycling Club who were killed.

Julie Dominguez, a member of the Musselburgh Road Club and a contributor to the chatroom on, said, "We are spreading the word to all club riders to wear a black arm band on Sunday in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in such a tragic way."

Since the incident, messages of support have been sent to the bereaved families from all over the world, among them a letter of condolence from Cycling Australia's chief executive, Graham Fredericks.

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