Gunn-rita diary: Happy New Year from Boulder

A brand new year lies before us, full of unimagined potential. It's up to us to realize many of the...

A brand new year lies before us, full of unimagined potential. It's up to us to realize many of the possibilities this New Year holds. We started our new year in Boulder, Colorado, and we're full of anticipation for the upcoming year.

We rolled into the New Year, completely without champagne or fireworks, but even so it was a fantastic start to 2008. Rolling into the New Year was a natural choice for us, being here in Colorado, with superlative nature and endless possibilities for those who love the great outdoors. We left from a peaceful Christmas celebration back home in Stavanger on the 28th of December. Our luggage was packed full of eagerness and joy, plus some exercise clothing, because at last we were off for another training camp.

We've been here for two weeks already, and time is flying. I had a small hope that time in 2008 might pass a little slower, but it seems to be flying by just as fast as ever. Luckily we still have two weeks left here, and we're going to make the best possible use of that time. So far we've been following the set programme as usual, and my body is reacting as it should. I'm still exercising somewhat less than at the same time during previous years, but we were expecting that.

We had a confrontation with "King Winter" when we first arrived, with masses of snow and biting cold. We were well prepared for this sort of weather and had brought lots of winter clothes, so we've been able to do all our out-door training so far. I'm missing a few stints of off-road cycling, but that's not too important this early in the year. The snow is as good as gone now. In other words, normal January conditions are in place again here at Boulder. We had a good 15 degrees Celsius in the sun yesterday, and it's melting away the last remains of the snow and ice.

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