Cycling getting cleaner, Voeckler says

More efficient controls and more ethical riders

Cycling is getting cleaner and cleaner, according to Thomas Voeckler. The French cyclist of the year said that “compared to earlier years, I have the impression that everyone is working in the same direction in the fight against doping.”

Interviewed on, Voeckler said that “I have now been a pro cyclist for 10 years and I can assure you that it is getting better. The controls are becoming more efficient."

Voeckler rode for Bbox Bouygues Telecom this year, and will continue with the team under its news name of Europcar in 2011.

“Fifteen years ago there were no positive cases at the Tour – but I don't think that this was because nobody doped. You have to accept that better controls lead to more riders getting caught.”

He continued, “You don't have to believe that everything is perfect, but you should believe in the large majority of riders, who do their job in an ethical manner. At the same time, you shouldn't be naïve and should keep your eyes open.”

The 31-year-old is not discouraged by the nearly constant stream of positive controls and new doping affairs. “I'm too old for that. I just go my own way, riding with my convictions and in my style. And I think that is the way many riders go.”

Satisfied with 2010 season

2010 “was my most successful year,” the French cyclist of the year said. He had only three victories, but they were all big ones: the national road title, a stage at the Tour de France, and the GP de Quebec.

“I wouldn't have won a race like that in Canada in earlier years. I used my experience there and played everything on one card,” he explained.

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