Ceramica Flaminia readies for 2007

Professional Continental team Ceramica Flaminia will take on 2007 with 16 riders under the guidance...

Professional Continental team Ceramica Flaminia will take on 2007 with 16 riders under the guidance of Director Sportifs Simone Borgheresi and Massimo Podenzana. The Italy-based team was presented Saturday in Rome along with its Campagnolo-equipped Daccordi bikes.

Team Manager Roberto Marrone guides the team for its third season. "In the first two seasons we have shown our sponsors name with seriousness and always ready to confront any obstacle," he said.

Marrone went on to blast the ProTour structure. "We entered cycling in the worst of moments; the ProTour imposed a barrier that is difficult to overcome," he noted. "We hope the mechanics of this organization is reviewed soon. It one that penalizes everyone, large to small teams, organizers and federations. The story of cycling is a testimony to the fact that we need to construct a modern sport on a diverse basis than which has already been done by the UCI. We hope the Italian cycling federation defends the Italian heritage; a mark of quality known in the world."

The team will be tackling some of Italy's big races. Borgheresi and Podenzana have their gaols; "This team is robust and has depth in all terrains. There is no doubt that we will point to be protagonists in every situation. ... Our experience and enthusiasm towards the young and ambitions riders is paid back in trust and optimism; we are all motivated.

"Our recent camp underlined our capacity; the riders have respect for their proposed programs ... They all know that this will be a decisive season."

2007 team members are Adriano Angeloni, Andrus Aug, Stefano Boggia, Antonio D'Aniello, Vladimir Duma, Cristian Gasperoni, Gianluca Geremia, Raffaele Illiano, Mikhaylo Khalilov, Hubert Krys, Tomasz Marczynski, Domenico Quagliarello, Michele Scotto D'Abusco, Manuele Spadi, Maurizio Varini, Adam Wadecki.

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