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Boom comments on worlds course and preparation

Les Clarke
October 16, 2008, 0:00 BST,
April 20, 2009, 21:54 BST
Cyclo-cross news & racing roundup for October 16

Reigning world cyclo-cross champion Lars Boom has taken a spin around the course for this season's...

Reigning world cyclo-cross champion Lars Boom has taken a spin around the course for this season's world championships in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands. He's optimistic about his chances of success despite just starting his 'cross season. "Last year I said that I wanted to become world champion in Hoogerheide and I have already reached that goal. I think that this time it will be easier for me to prepare for it mentally; not easy, but certainly easier. I know that I can handle myself there, so there's certainly not more pressure."

Held on January 31-February 1 next year, it's highly likely that the weather will be less than ideal for spectators but perfect for a tough cyclo-cross event. Add to this a tough circuit and Boom believes that, "The track is pretty selective. A lot of differences in height and changes and quite some running parts. It is a great track for me anyhow, because it is good for breaking away from other riders. It does not really contain any very long parts, which means that you cannot always see your opponent, and that’s good."

The world cup race in Milan will be Boom's last test before Hoogerheide, after which he'll rest ahead of the world title race. "Especially in the weeks leading up to the race, resting well, taking care of yourself and training well is the most important thing." And like last year, in late November/early December the Dutchman will go to Lanzarote for two weeks of training to get, "Something else on your mind, some nice weather and good training."

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