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Aussie continental team offers Sánchez berth for 2014

Peter Cossins
December 5, 2013, 11:03,
December 6, 2013, 06:07
Second Edition Cycling News, Thursday, December 5, 2013
Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel - Euskadi)

Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel - Euskadi)

  • Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel - Euskadi)
  • Sammy Sanchez (Euskaltel-Euskadi) awaits the start of Vuelta stage 15
  • Samuel Sánchez salutes - Heil Samu!
  • Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel)

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Says Spaniard could lead Scott Sunderland-coached team in NRS

Several teams have already expressed an interest in taking on Samuel Sánchez for the 2014 season, but none have come forward with an offer as intriguing as that put forward by Australian continental team Cellarbrations RT.

In an open letter to the Euskaltel leader and 2008 Olympic champion, Cellarbrations team direction Scott Suine has offered Sánchez the final place on the team's 2014 roster, saying, "We can virtually guarantee that with your glittering palmarès you would be CRT's team leader whenever you wished to be. In 2014 we will always ride for you, Señor Sánchez."

Suine admits that restrictions on his team's finances mean that he cannot offer Sánchez a salary, but he outlines an attractive package of other incentives. "We would certainly be able to provide you with free race entry and transportation, free team kit, as many energy bars and vitamins as you could ever need, and coaching by ex-Saxo and Sky directeur sportif, Mr Scott Sunderland, who also coached CRT in 2013," says Suine. A Sydney restaurant has also offered to provide "tapas-themed dishes" to accommodate the Spaniard.

Suine points out that his team can provide Sánchez "with a season spent living the superb Australian lifestyle based in one of the world's most beautiful cities, Sydney." He adds that the Spaniard would need to find his own accommodation, but there is the chance of bedding down on an inflatable mattress in team direction Russell Menzies' house. "He is yet to confirm whether he has raised it with his wife, however as you are a supremely fit and undoubtedly good looking Latin man, we think she will approve," says Suine.

A mixture of under-19, masters and elite riders, CRT participated in Australia’s National Road Series this past season and is looking to raise its profile next year. "We have some great new riders coming on board which we'll be announcing soon, but there’s still one elite spot left," says Suine. "Given all the media surrounding the demise of Movistar and Euskaltel-Euskadi at the end of the recent season, and so many fine riders who remain uncontracted for 2014 as a result, we thought why not ask the question? The worst he can say is 'no'."

Suine further reveals: "As things stand right now, he hasn't said yes – or no. Sure it's a long shot. But if you never ask, you never find out. We're already hopeful of a great season in 2014. But if Samuel comes on board, well, the sky becomes the limit. Just imagine what he could do in some of the bigger stage races."

nico__ 12 months ago
TANK91 12 months ago
Lol thas what i thought, good touch though they mean well but man its a bit out of touch lol.
avantage 12 months ago
Indeed, very lol. Especially the inflatable bed, I like.
Goldberger 12 months ago
Lack of respect?
Strydz 12 months ago
Doubt that
CyclingsChanged 12 months ago
Respect is earnt......
Eric Blais 12 months ago
I believe a olympic gold medal = Respect earnt
antmills 12 months ago
It's the best offer he's likely to get, with his record. He should snap it up asap!
Tony Zanca 12 months ago
I think Team Columbia and Accent Jobs-Wanty also want to sign him. He has great results and has never been mentioned in a doping case.
wheel chaser 12 months ago
He shouldn't even respond to this insult.
Strydz 12 months ago
How is it an insult?
wheel chaser 12 months ago
If don't find anything insulting in the way this was presented then you either didn't read the story or you're as ignorant as Suine.
tommy_nickels 12 months ago
They offered him energy bars and an inflatable mattress in place of a salary. I don't think it's inherently insulting for them to offer a spot, but they did not handle it well and it comes off as humiliating.
chucko 12 months ago
That's quite hilarious - they can't even offer him a salary? Let's face it mind you is he likely to win anything of importance again - very doubtful! I'm surprised he's not riding for Contador next year bearing in mind the history of Sanchez helping him in races!
bike_boy 12 months ago
@chucko, most of the teams racing the NRS here in OZ don't pay a salary, some riders are even forced to buy their own kit and bikes. There are a bunch of teams and riders in the NRS who shouldn't be. It produces some great riders at the pointy end, but there's percentage who are an insult to so called elite racing. There's guys riding slower times in TT's than 50-60 year old blokes in the masters, others getting popped on the first little hill in every race. I don't recall seeing CRT racing anywhere, but looking at their rider list i'd say they're another team of not so elite riders who should be in B or C grade.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Hoping for cheap media coverage, clever but quite insulting.
Uncle_Tod 12 months ago
Wait a minute.. Movistar folded according to this article? Do some research before you post articles Cyclingnews.... this site is becoming a joke...
bertfivesix 12 months ago
Uh, dude - it was part of a quote from the team director, not from CN.
ProRoadAccess 12 months ago
Loved the piece! Thanks for that. still laughing.
bike_boy 12 months ago
It was obviously a publicity stunt, since it got us talking several days ago on / ect. and typically late here, I'd say it's worked well.