Andreu: Armstrong is just in attack mode

Frankie Andreu hits back at Armstrong's allegations of career-long doping

Frankie Andreu hit back today after being the subject of allegations from Lance Armstrong during the US Federal Government False Claims Act case.

Armstrong claimed in his deposition that Andreu used doping products for the majority of his career.

The whistleblower case was originally brought forward by former US Postal rider Floyd Landis and could see Armstrong lose a substantial fortune.

Andreu, who also testified in the proceedings, told Cyclingnews that he was clean for the majority of his career.

"I joined 7-Eleven in 1984 [ed. he joined in 1989] and raced in Europe and was given cortisone after bad crashes by the team doctor as well as was given it by a team doctor before a couple races but was 29 when I first took EPO. Then I was out of the sport at 32," Andreu told Cyclingnews.

"I'd say that I raced clean for the majority of my career. It's just the tail end where I succumbed to EPO. There's no reason to compare, doping a lot or a little is wrong. I've worked to right my wrong in many ways. It's a good thing we have USADA now to protect the rights of those who want to compete clean."

When asked why Armstrong - who was present for Andreu's deposition – had made the claim, Andreu answered: "I think he's just in attack mode. I've not read his deposition so I don't know if I'm the only person that he brought up. I only did two winning Tours with him, and there are tonnes of people who did many, many years with him. Why would my name be brought up?"

The rift between the two former teammates and Betsy Andreu, wife of Frankie Andreu, stems from testimony the Andreus made in 2005 during the SCA Promotions hearings. They have always said they were present when Armstrong admitted to doping when asked by a doctor at a hospital room in Indiana in 1996 as he was being treated for cancer. Armstrong has denied the conversation ever took place, but the federal investigators have subpeonaed Indiana University School of Medicine to get Armstrong's medical records.

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