24-hour world record broken

Frenchman covers 839 kilometres in 24 hours

Amateur rider Jean-Pascal Roux has set a new distance world record over 24 hours, covering 839 kilometres on a circuit course in Caderousse
The Frenchman from Avignon, Provence bThe record was previously held by Slovenian Jure Robic with 835 kilometres.

Roux, who was assisted in his record attempt by former Formula 1 world champion and avid cyclist Alain Prost, rode on a flat course totaling 17,141 kilometres. He started on Wednesday, June 16, at 9am, and finished after completing almost 49 laps of the course. His average speed was 34.96 km/h.

"Cooked! I am cooked! I can't even lift my leg to step off my bike..." Roux told Velo101 after reaching his goal. "What a crazy idea of Robic to ride that fast! Fortunately I tried to do this after he did, with his record on my mind the whole time."

Roux also holds another world record for climbing the famous Mont Ventoux an incredible eleven times in 24 hours.

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