Time trial prep

Tejay gets his bike and kit dialed in for Wednesday's U23 TT Worlds

September 22, 2009: Day two of Tejay Van Garderen's exclusive Cyclingnews photo blog from the Mendrisio, Switzerland world championships.

Today was all about time trial preparation; from the oh-so-squeezy skin suit (below) to the work done by George to make sure my bike was dialled in after being stowed away in a bike bag for the trip to Switzerland (bottom).

I'm going as USA Barbie.

George getting my bike dialed. Luckily we have the best mechanics in the world...I have no idea how to work on my own bike. I just do the pedaling.

Eventually I got out on said bike and had a look at the time trial course. Some riders have said it's not too hard - in comparison to the road race parcours, anyway - although I'm not going to comment until I've finished it at race pace and with my time safely in the bank.

Breakfast with Pete and Jessica.

Everyone seems to be settled in and ready to get on with the job (above) - I guess this is the time when you just want everything to hurry up and get started because for many people it's the time that nerves start to kick in and you lie in bed thinking about it.

More from Mendrisio soon,

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