Ristoro in a beautiful region

Time trial over, time for the road race

The time trial is done and dusted here in Mendrisio and it's time to get the road racing cap on after a couple of days of rest.

Unfortunately I finished a not-so-lucky 13th on Wednesday; there's no point dwelling on it however, as there's still work to be done, and this weekend's road race should prove an interesting one.

Everyone's been talking about how difficult the course is, so tactics and strength should be the two key factors. I'm hoping we have the right plans and enough strength to get us in the best place possible.

In the meantime, I've been enjoying some of the best scenery in the world (below), albeit whilst going about the normal business of being a bike rider, like having early morning blood samples taken. All in a day's work, folks.

Hanging down the lago, enjoying beautiful Switzerland.

Early morning blood samples are taken, even on the rest days.

Last diary I mentioned George, one of our mechanics - well, I've got a little more on the boys this time, too. Like us, they need a little relaxation, and if there's one thing mechanics like more than dirty bikes to clean and fix, it's beer!

If there's one thing mechanics like more than bikes, it's definitely beer.

Unlike us, they get to enjoy some of the amber gold during races and they earn that privilege with some stirling work. Hopefully they haven't got too much to do during our race on Saturday and mechanicals don't feature in the outcome.

Until then,

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