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Xacobeo-Galicia faces storm en route to Santiago

The team was looking forward to the breaks and some hot tea

The team was looking forward to the breaks and some hot tea (Image credit: Xacobeo Galicia)

The riders of Xacobeo Galicia probably would not have imagined that the training camp on the Camino de Santiago would be so tough. From the start, the Spaniards encountered wind, rain and even snow.

When the racers left Burgos to set out for their nine-day trip, snowflakes came down. On the fourth day, the weather was again extremely bad, with wind and rain accompanying the squad. The 82 kilometres between Cid and Carrión de los Condes en Palenciafor were miserable, with temperatures between zero and five degrees centigrade.

Delio Fernández and Serafín Martínez were excused as a precaution in those conditions, as both are suffering from knee problems. Fernández may return when the weather gets better, but Martínez has an inflammation in one of his knees after falling during the first day.

Ten riders took the journey on day four, accompanied by directeur sportif Jesús Blanco Villar. The riders improvised in a shop in Burgos, getting clothing that looked appropriate for fishermen than for cyclists. But health goes first and the clothing helped the riders to stay as warm as possible.

After 15 kilometres the group split in two. One part of the team decided to leave the trail and continue on the paved road.

The fifth day was even shorter, 71 kilometres, but once again the temperatures were horrible between Carrión de los Condes and Mansilla de las Mulas. (BH)

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