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Ullrich to discuss doping in a book?

Jan Ullrich will answer the question "Did you dope?" in a book he wants to write, saying, "This question is not easy to answer." In an interview with the German tabloid BILD am Sonntag, he also indicated a possible doping usage when he rode, when he said, "Whoever still can't put one and one together about what happened in cycling is beyond my help."

Ullrich retired in February 2007, after being suspected of involvement with Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes. Blood taken during the Operacion Puerto was matched to him via DNA testing.

Ullrich's manager, Wolfgang Strohband, said not to look for the book any time soon. "I know that he has not yet started working on this book," he told the dpa press agency.

The 35-year-old German, who lives in Switzerland, said that he had been offered "millions" to confess, but that he wasn't interested. He agreed with the characterization of those who have confessed, such as Jörg Jaksche or Patrik Sinkewitz, as hypocrites, noting, "They only said what would help them." Jaksche disagreed with that, saying "What does it help me when I am now unemployed? At least I was honest about my past."