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Seeldraeyers still seeking contract for 2014

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Kevin Seeldraeyers (Astana) in yellow

Kevin Seeldraeyers (Astana) in yellow (Image credit: Mario Stiehl)
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Kenin Seeldraeyers (Astana) comes over from Quick Step

Kenin Seeldraeyers (Astana) comes over from Quick Step (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Kevin Seeldraeyers (Astana) wins stage 1 of the Tour of Austria

Kevin Seeldraeyers (Astana) wins stage 1 of the Tour of Austria (Image credit: Mario Stiehl)

The shrinking job market in professional cycling has tightened around the career of Belgian Kevin Seeldraeyers, who has not been able to secure a contract for the 2014 season.

"At the moment I have no specific contacts," Seeldraeyers said on Sporza Radio. "I've contacted all of the team leaders I've ever had, but I get the same answer everywhere. Either it's wait and see, or they say immediately that it will not work."

Currently with Astana, Seeldraeyers won two stages of the 2013 Tour of Austria and led the race overall for six stages before coming third overall and winning the overall points and mountains classifications.

Seeldraeyers said part of the problem may be that Astana only put him in three races since his results at the Tour of Austria in July, and that teams may have forgotten about him.

"I am feeling hopeless. I can not do anything, the only thing I can do is wait and wait again. This makes training difficult. I'm constantly thinking about it."

"Most teams are already full, but I hope there is a team that still needs someone. I do not know why it is that some riders can find at the last minute a team and I do not. I don't get it."

The 27-year-old continues to train in hopes he will find a contract soon. "My manager is working on it. If something comes along I want to be prepared."