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Rebagliati signs with Giant Italia

Marco Rebagliati has signed with the Giant Italia team for 2011.

Marco Rebagliati has signed with the Giant Italia team for 2011. (Image credit: Team Giant Italia)

Marco Rebagliati is the newest addition to the Giant Italia Team for the 2012 season. The former in-line skater has made the move from skating to road cycling to mountain biking.

"Since I was a child, I did in-line skating. I got several national and international titles in the junior and elite categories. I twice won the world championships," said Rebagliati.

In 2008, he made his debut in mountain biking, and he dominated the Giro della Provincia di Savona series. At the same time, he placed 12th in the overall ranking of Mediofondo Val di Fassa Bike. He gained important experience in 60 races in 2009 and 2010 and won events like the Tour dell'Assietta and GF di Spotorno.

"I was positively in shock when I spoke to Giant Italia Team for the first time. I'm very impressed by its organization and professionalism. The Giant Italia Team is interested in developing young cyclists. How could I refuse their proposal?" said Marco.

Rebagliati said he's been assisted along the way by Mirko Celestino. "He helped me develop my technical skills on the road and then again when I started mountain biking. Road racing and mountain bike racing are so different. When you attend road races, you have to focus on your teammates. When you mountain bike, you can decide whether and when to do your race pace and attack."

Rebagliati is still working with his new team to set his specific goals for 2012.