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Mountain biker dusts road cyclists as the fastest descender

Mountain biker Myles Rockwell

Mountain biker Myles Rockwell (Image credit: Red Bull)

The ground shook in Malibu November 5th as many of the nation's best road cyclists and mountain bikers plunged down the legendary Tuna Canyon to determine once and for all the fastest descender at the inaugural Red Bull Road Rage, co-sponsored by Giant Bicycle and Avid Brakes. Mountain biker Myles Rockwell cleaned up, taking home first place in both the Time Trial and Pack Races. At 58 mph, the fastest speed of the day was awarded to David McCook as part of the Avid Brakes speed trap.

"It's nice to shut everybody up. Everyone thought it was going to be McCook or Lopes, but it's nice to be the underdog. I didn't really prepare in any special way. I did a couple of spin classes and that's it," exclaimed Myles after completing his winning time trial run in just 4 minutes and 24.7 seconds, earning the coveted crown as the fastest downhill descender. Not far behind was road cyclist David McCook.

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