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More time for Keisse decision

A delighted Iljo Keisse ain't so happy now...

A delighted Iljo Keisse ain't so happy now... (Image credit:

Sporza has reported that the Disciplinary Commission of the Belgian Cycling Federation has appointed a board of three professors to address Iljo Keisse's doping infringement, given until October 2 to deliver its judgement on the facts of the case.

Keisse tested positive for cathine at the end of November last year during the Ghent Six. His defense team has maintained throughout proceedings that is was due to a contaminated food supplement. "This is very good news," said Keisse's lawyer.

"We call for more independent research," continued Keisse's lawyer. "Our research is highly structured and this opens many avenues. The mission of the professors is clear."

Proceedings will resume on October 19, when Keisse will be present at the association headquarters. His defense counsel is hopeful of a speedy and positive outcome to the case. "We can always ask those presiding to move quickly if the professors have finished their work," he said.