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Milram sponsor happy with team's media presence

Team Milram in the 39km team time trial.

Team Milram in the 39km team time trial.
(Image credit: AFP)

Team Milram's sponsor Nordmilch AG is happy with its investment so far this season. Dairy company Nordmilch AG said that familiarity with its Milram brand name has increased, and “the investment has given us a good return.”

Speaking to the German news magazine Die Welt, Nordmilch Marketing Director Claus Fischer said that this has all happened although there is less television coverage of racing in Germany. “We think it is because Milram is more in the focus than previously because it is the only German team.”

Fischer said he “absolutely trusts several riders to get a stage win,” at the Tour de France. He said it is more important to have a noticeable team presence, which could be by having one of his riders in an escape group.

Nordmilch AG's sponsorship contract runs through 2010. Fischer indicated that after the Tour his company would review its sponsorship.