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McQuaid: I regret talk of new UCI passport cases

“It could be weeks or days,” so answered Pat McQuaid in November of last year when Cyclingnews asked him when new biological passport cases would be opened.

Several months on and no new cases have been opened. The only public development, a retreat by the UCI, with McQuaid admitting he regretted jumping the gun.

“I regret using that expression [in November]. I shouldn’t have done it. I’m better off staying out of it all together,” he told Cyclingnews.

“I can’t comment and I’m won't comment on where the passport is in any point in time. It just shows how complicated the whole thing is.”

With no new cases since mid-2010 the passport appears to have stalled. However, McQuaid said this was not the case and that there were no financial constraints in testing or passport profiling.

“It’s not in the least frustrating. I wasn’t looking at any cases personally. As until such time as anti-doping comes to me and says we have a positive, then I know about it. Before then I don’t know about it and I don’t want to know about it.”

Asked if he had asked the UCI’s anti-doping team for any update, he added: “I haven’t. It’s not my affair to ask any questions. My affair is to get the results. I don’t ask any questions until then. Like I said, I shouldn’t have said that to you at that time because I was obviously wrong. The passport is very strong.”

McQuaid would not comment when asked if any of the original passport cases had been opened too soon.

Daniel Benson

Daniel Benson is the Managing Editor at Cyclingnews. Based in the UK, he coordinates the global coverage for the website. Having joined Cyclingnews in April 2008, he has covered several Tour de France, the Spring Classics, and the London Olympic Games in 2012.

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